Avoiding biases


As this wiki is a source of information, stating facts are fine, but please refrain from speculation about relationships and let the direct actions in the game speak for themselves.

Also, fan theories and speculation should be avoided in articles. Using deductive reasoning is allowable to reach conclusive logic, but otherwise, keep such discussions to a blog post or the Discussions forum.  



In regards to spoilers the only hard and fast rules are as follows:

  • As this is an English wiki, chapter parts that have not been translated and released will have the {{Spoiler}} notice at the top of pages that have any information in regards to them. (Here is a list of pages which link to the template.)
  • The other rule is to avoid posting information Nankidai has explicitly asked people not to share before the release of a chapter part. As of August 2019 that is only images from the Chapter 3 demo.

Image uploads

  • With the exception of datamined file names, avoid giving images nonsense titles. e.g. "hrhyupiuek35883702.jpg" etc.
  • If you can, please categorize uploaded images into one of our established categories, all of which can be viewed here.
  • If an image is unused for a prolonged period of time, it will be deleted.


These images will be immediately deleted when spotted and are not to be uploaded.

  • Other people's fanart. We're not an image hosting or a social media site. Those works belong to their artists and reposting them without permission is frowned upon. Let's try to be better ok!
  • Pornography and nudity.
  • Hate, racism, harrassment, etc., will be deleted immediately and may further lead to a ban.
  • Very low quality images. We'd like to keep a certain standard on the wiki if possible. Basically, if it's super pixelated and objectively ugly, it's probably going to go.
  • Duplicate images. Duplicate images will deleted so the wiki doesn't end up cluttered with multiples of the same picture. First check to see if the image you want to upload isn't already in the appropriate gallery. If you get an upload warning saying the image is already on the wiki, just x out.



For Character quote pages, the quotes should be either memorable or illustrative of the character's personality. Please avoid arbitrary one-lines such as "Ahahaha" or sentences that lack sense without any context.

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