Volume 1 of Kimi Ga Shine: Tasuketsu Death Game, written by Nankidai and drawn by Tatsuya Ikegami, was released on February 26, 2020.[1]

Official synopsis

Sara Chidouin is troubled by a mysterious stalker. Worried for Sara, her best friend Joe decided to walk her home. When they reach home, Sara and Joe are attacked by someone and lose consciousness. When they both wake, they realize they're being held in a mysterious room...?

Those elected by majority vote die. This is a survival game in which eleven humans gather to fight for their own survival......



Characters introduced

Game and manga differences

Chapter 01

  • The game's prologue involves a shadowy figure and a conversation on majority votes; the manga's 'prologue' is the scene of Joe's death after the first Main Game, which then appears to be a 'dream' of Sara's.
  • The manga shows several events that occurred prior to the opening of the game
    • Sara receives texts from Ryoko, who is concerned for Joe as he has not yet shown up for their date.
    • Sara finds Joe outside in the rain, and is ready to scold him for worrying Ryoko, but is surprised to find him crying over an injured stray cat. Joe apologizes for standing Ryoko up, but because the cat is so cute (and the puppy eyes Joe gives her) Sara decides to help out.
    • Sara brings the cat home. Her father is concerned about his wife's allergies, but Sara's mom assures them that "one night won't hurt" before sneezing so hard her mask is blown forward. Still, the cat, now dubbed 'Kuro', is allowed to stay. Sara talks to Kuro in her room before getting a bad feeling that someone is watching her. When she turns around, though, nothing is there.
    • We jump to Sara and Joe's school day. Joe is asking around to see if any classmate could adopt the stray cat; but no one is willing to, and they seem cold in their responses. Joe laments this while lying on the roof with Sara. She tells him that everyone wants things to go well, but since they can't help, they use Joe as a reason to put up with their own helplessness. Joe laughs at this, and remarks on Sara's unexpected kindness, saying that he finds that part of her to be really cool. They clink their cans together and head home as a shadowy figure watches them.
    • Sara is becoming attached to Kuro, but receives a call. Their classmate Takagi was concerned for his mother, who has been feeling down since their own cat, Momo, died. Kuro looks exactly like their old cat, down to the strange mark on its forehead. So the Takagi family decides to adopt Kuro.
    • Joe appears concerned for Sara, and offers her a present seemingly out of the blue. It is a cat keychain that looks just like Kuro, apparently found and dug out of a claw machine. Joe says that the cat is his thanks for his own doggie keychain, given to him by Sara for his birthday. Sara remembers that Joe's keychain was her way of saying thanks to Joe for being the first person to speak to her, a "bad talker". She thanks him with a smile.
  • In the manga, we hear more of Sara's thoughts when it is revealed that Jou knows she is being stalked; apparently, she's (at least a little) envious of Ryoko.
  • In the game, Sara and Joe run when they see a suspicious figure. In the manga, this person manages to say the words "Don't run, came to talk," while panting heavily, before Sara and Joe run away.
  • In the game, Sara says goodbye to Joe outside of her house before going in alone. She finds her mother passed out, starts to panic a bit, and runs into the hallway, where Joe has unexpectedly made a reappearance and asks what's wrong. In the manga, both Sara and Joe enter Sara's house before locking the door behind them. Joe attempts to calm Sara down, but she becomes frantic when she sees her mother lying motionless in their hallway. Joe grabs Sara's shoulders and yells to get her attention, saying her mother is alive and only fainted. He tells her that he's calling the police and things are going to be okay. Sara is noticeably more distressed in the manga, perhaps due to the fact that we can see her reactions. Joe begins to make the call, and Sara thinks of her father, who should be home. She goes upstairs to look for him, internally pleading for his help, and opens the door to her room. Just like in the game, many hands reach out to (presumably) grab Sara, but the manga also depicts her cat keychain afterwards, which has been left lying on the floor.
  • In the game, Sara and Joe speak to each other before the 'voice guide' commences during the First Trial. In the manga, the voice guide is what makes Sara notice Joe.
  • In the game, Sara and Joe's First Trial takes place in a room that is completely closed off. In the manga, however, there is a window in their trial room. Through this, Sara sees Kugie crying and reaching out before she is brutally crushed by the execution device.

Chapter 02

  • In the manga, there are more items in the First Trial room, including a hanging flame and a butcher's knife.
  • In the game, Sara is freed through Joe using sandpaper to reveal the 'red key' underneath its green coating. In the manga, Joe realizes that the key is coated with candy and holds it up to a flame to melt it off.
  • In the manga, Joe contemplates cutting off Sara's limbs in his desperation to free her, but realizes that this trick would not work with the restraints around Sara's chest.


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