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  • YazzyDream

    Favorite overworld sprites

    December 16, 2019 by YazzyDream
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  • YazzyDream
    • Why did Alice kill Sou Hiyori?
    • Why did Megumi cover up for Keiji's shooting?
    • What was Gin's First Trial?
    • What was Reko's First Trial?
    • Did Kai even have a First Trial?
    • What's the deal with Ryoko? She's brought up a suspicious amount for someone totally unrelated to the Death Game.
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  • YazzyDream

    Basic character data

    August 28, 2019 by YazzyDream

    Basic character data listed in one place. Because I love lists, obviously.

    Name Birthday Zodiac sign Age Height
    Mishima January 3 Capricorn 30 188.1 cm (6'2")
    Reko February 27 Pisces 23 169.1 cm (5'7")
    Gin March 13 Pisces 12 138 cm (4'6")
    Shin April 2 Aries >20 168 cm (5'6")
    Sara May 18 Taurus 17 164.5 cm (5'5")
    Kai June 2 Gemini >20 177 cm (5'10")
    Joe July 26 Leo 17 174.8 cm (5'9")
    Q-taro August 9 Leo >20 193.7 cm (6'4")
    Nao September 24 Libra 19 162.5 cm (5'4")
    Keiji October 9 Libra >20 185.5 cm (6'1")
    Alice November 26 Sagittarius >20 186 cm (6'1")
    Kanna December 20 Sagittarius 13~14 152.1 cm (5’0")








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  • YazzyDream

    Family matters

    August 28, 2019 by YazzyDream

    Yes parent.
    Confirmed no blood relation.
    No parent.

    CANDIDATE Mother Father
    Sara Yes. Yes. Not blood-related.
    Keiji Yes. No.
    Shin Yes, Yes. 
    Gin Yes. Yes. Stepfather.
    Kanna Yes. Adopted. Yes. Adopted.
    Reko + Alice Yes. Yes.
    Mishima N/A N/A
    Q-taro No. No.
    Megumi N/A N/A
    Anzu Yes. Yes.
    Hinako N/A N/A
    Kurumada N/A N/A
    Hayasaka N/A N/A
    Mai N/A N/A
    Ranmaru N/A N/A
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  • YazzyDream

     Just a place to organize my thoughts and dates. Also, most of the order of ages is headcanon until the game or Nankidai specifies. I specify headcanons with '^'

    • I have the Death Game events take place in 2017 (because I prefer to have some kind of numbered date down) since that's when Chapter 1, Part 1 was released.
    • Based on Gin's birthday, age, and grade, it can be deduced that the events of the Death Game take place between March 13 and early April. In Japan, the school year ends in late March and begins early April. 6th graders are aged 11-12, and since his birthday is in March, Gin would be one of the youngest of his peers; turning 12 just as his sixth year was ending and entering 7th grade/middle school the next month. Thus, the events…
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