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Sou Hiyori (日和(ヒヨリ) (ソウ), Hiyori Sou?) was originally supposed to participate in the Death Game, but did not end up as one of the 20 participants who played it.

A doll version of Sou, which can be renamed by the player but is by default named Midori (ミドリ, Midori?, lit. "Green"), is the Floor Master of the Fourth and Fifth Floors.


Sou has bright green hair and wide disconcerting, jade eyes. His hair is short and wavy with a rattail.

He stands slightly hunched over. His outfit consists of a black suit, red tie, and the same scarf that Shin Tsukimi wears.

The Sou Hiyori doll wears a Floor Master collar.


Sou is a cruelly mischievous man shrouded in mystery. He seems to have somewhat sadistic tendencies; deriving happiness from teasing and harassing others for his own amusement, even in life and death situations. He enjoys making others uneasy and playing inappropriate jokes on them.

Sou is rather controlling; preferring to cheat or trick in order to stay in the dominant position. His energetic and playful manner of speaking is often completely oblivious to the dangerous circumstances of their situation, treating dark topics with little weight; often lightheartedly referencing his own death with no hesitation, and making it into a game.

At times he seems to drop the act, mockingly becoming serious to scold participants if they don't follow his orders. However, this emphasizes just how much he patronizes the others. Despite speaking in a cheerful and cool manner, Sou seems to actively disdain Alice Yabusame, his supposed killer.

Enigmatic and eccentric, his place in ASUNARO's hierarchy is unclear.



Sou attended the same high school as Shin Tsukimi and befriended him. They were close enough that Shin visited Sou's house regularly, though Shin was often unnerved and made uncomfortable by Sou. Shin was perceptive enough to pick up that Sou found amusement in making him nervous, but ignored it. As it turned out, Sou wasn't even enrolled in the school, so the exact reason for his presence is implied to be related to Shin.

Meanwhile, Sou had also disguised himself as a police officer and worked for law enforcement. How long is unknown, but he was present when Keiji Shinogi supposedly killed an unarmed criminal. He deliberately misled Keiji into thinking that the man was armed, which led to Keiji unintentionally murdering him.[1]

At some point, while he'd been friends with Shin, Alice killed Sou.

The Death Game

During Shin's First Trial, when Shin decided to "throw away his old self," he adopts Sou Hiyori's name.

It becomes apparent Sou is familiar to most of the Death Game participants when the majority of them find his file in Kai Satou's laptop. This includes Keiji, Q-taro, Kanna, Alice, Reko, and Shin. However, none of them could clearly remember what relation they have with him. Even Alice, who had allegedly murdered him, and Reko, who had been deeply affected by the murder case, did not remember Sou's face until they were staring right at his picture. Reko does not even mention that he was the one Alice killed, and it's clear later on that their memories were tampered with.[2]


Shin Tsukimi

Sou and Shin met at the latter's high school and started talking. They became friends, but despite that, Shin found himself getting restless, scared, and anxious to the point of sweating if he looked into Sou's eyes. Sou was aware of the uneasiness he induced in Shin, but derived enjoyment in it. In turn, Shin was aware of Sou's enjoyment in making him uncomfortable. Regardless, Shin called Sou a friend and seemingly brushed over those unhealthy aspects of their relationship.

Sou keeps a diary log of Shin's AI from before the latter was pulled into the Death Game and appears possessive of him.

Later on, in Shin's First Trial, the fact that he is doomed for certain death makes Shin's peaceful personality collapse and break. He then adopts a personality similar to Midori - however, he tends to be calmer and concentrated, as shown by allying himself with Kanna.

In the route where Kanna is alive, Sou remarks to her that "since [Shin] was going to die anyways, [he] wanted to kill him with [his] own hands." When the others are reasonably shocked by this statement, he brushes it off, stating that the others don't understand his affection for Shin.

Keiji Shinogi

During the capture of a suspect, Sou was undercover with Keiji and Megumi Sasahara. During this, Sou manipulated Keiji's lack of experience and told him that the suspect was going to fire his weapon. Keiji, in the heat of the moment, listened to the disguised Hiyori, and fired his weapon. The suspect turned out to be a role model of Keiji's past. The trauma made Keiji unable to even touch a gun without barfing as seen in his battle against Sou, it seems that Sou however, kept the revolver, and used it later in the Death Game to break Keiji emotionally, being the only character to actually break his calm personality.

Alice Yabusame

Most of the details are unknown, however, Alice murdered Sou in cold blood, two years before the Death Game. This put Alice in prison. Alice doesn't seem to recall much of the incident even though he knows he did it. Midori shames Alice constantly for murdering him, however, he doesn't say anything more.


Person What they call Sou What Sou calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Sara Sara
Miss Sara
サラさん, Sara-san?
Keiji Keiji Shinogi
シノギ ケイジ, Shinogi Keiji?
ケイジ, Keiji?
ケイジさん, Keiji-san?
Shin Sou Hiyori ヒヨリソウ, Hiyori Sou? Shin シン, Shin?
Gin Seaweed-head ワカメ頭, Wakame atama?, lit. "Seaweed head" Gin
Kanna Kanna カンアちゃん, Kanna-chan?
Reko Reko レコさん, Reko-san?
Alice Sou Hiyori Alice
Alice Yabusame
アイスさん, Arisu-san?
ヤブサメアリス, Yabusame Arisu?

Person What they call Sou What Sou calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Megumi Megumi メグミさん, Megumi-san?

Person What they call Sou What Sou calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Miley Miley ホエミー, Hoemī?
Sou (self) ボク, Boku?
Maple Hiyori ヒヨリくん, Hiyori-kun?


  • The kanji that makes up his first name is , sou?, lit. "suddenly; smoothly".
  • The kanji that make up his last name are 日和, hiyori?, lit. "weather".
  • Nicknaming Sou an already established character's name will result in him refusing the name. Exceptions include Mishima, Shin, and those who died during their First Trial. It does not change depending on who is dead.

Name How Sou responds to their name
Sara "You want to give me the same name as you...? How disgusting, miss Sara."
Joe "...Joe was such a cheerful and kind boy... It's really a shame."
Keiji "Ahaha, you're making Mr. Policeman blush! ...Just kidding. Pick another name."
Sou "I gave Sou to Shin. He's already Sou by now, you see."
Gin "I'm not Gin, meow! Woof woof! ...Just kidding. Pick another name."
Kanna "Poor Kanna'd weep! I think a more worthless name would be better for someone like me."
Q-taro "Ahaha, Q-taro is a name for gorillas only. I'd prefer a more spindly name."
Reko "Reko...? Only sisterly bongo players get that name. Pick another name."
Alice "That's not funny. He killed me. And I'm mad, believe it or not."
Nao "Nao was a kind and heartfelt girl. It's cruel to die before seeing adulthood..."
Kai "Yes, I am Kai! ...Nope, I'm not. It'd be inexcusable for me to use that name."
Gashu "Ahaha, Gashu? I could never grow such a stupendous crabstashe. Pick another one."
Meister "...Pick another name."

Name How Sou responds to their name
Chidouin "Ahaha, like I'm your brother-in-law? No thanks. Pick another name."
Tazuna "Tazuna is Joe's surname. Naturally, I have to decline."
Shinogi "Shinogi is Keiji's surname. Naturally, I have to decline."
Hiyori "Hiyori won't do either. Doesn't it make me seem like I'm still clingy about my old name?"
Ibushi "Ibushi is Gin's surname. Think it over again, woof."
Kizuchi "Kizuchi is Kanna and her sister's surname. Naturally, I have to decline."
Burgerberg "Burgerberg is Q—taro's surname. Naturally, I have to decline."
Yabusame "Yabusame's the surname of the one who killed me! Naturally, I have to decline."
Egokoro "Egokoro is Nao's surname. Please repent, and rethink it."
Satou "Ahaha, no way. As I see it, Satou's the same surname Gashu has."
Miley "Ahaha, Miley, huh? I think she's pretty, but her personality's scary. Pick another name."
Safalin "Safalin... She looks kind of scary, huh? Ahaha. Pick another name."
Ranger "Ranger... Wasn't there a doll named Rio Ranger? We're not the same model number, so quit it."
Laizer "Laizer... Wasn't there a doll named Rio Laizer? That's rude to Safalin, so quit it."

Name How Sou responds to their name
Sara Chidouin "If you'll remember, Sara Chidouin is you!"
Joe Tazuna "There was a survivor named Joe Tazuna...Did you forget that? Pick another name."
Keiji Shinogi "Keiji Shinogi...? I'm not fond of sounding like a ladykiller. Pick another name.‘
Sou Hiyori "Huh? Were you even listening, I wonder...? I won't use Sou Hiyori anymore."
Gin Ibushi “Gin Ibushi...? I'm a grown—up, so I can't go imitating a cat. You should pick another name."
Kanna Kizuchi "Kanna Kizuchi...? Sorry, I don't have a bucket. Pick another name."
Q-taro Burgerberg "Q—taro Burgerberg... It's just too long. Pick another name."
Reko Yabusame "Reko Yabusame...? Nah, I'm not a band girl. Pick another name."
Alice Yabusame "Alice Yabusame...? I do really hate him, personally, but I'm on the job here. Just pick another name."
Nao Egokoro "Nao Egokoro...? I like making shapes more than pictures. Pick another name.‘
Kai Satou "Kai Satou...? I don't think I can cook very well. Pick another name."
Gashu Satou "Ahaha, Gashu? I could never grow such a stupendous crabstache. Pick another name."
Sue Miley "Ahaha, Miley, huh? I think she's pretty, but her personality's scary. Pick another name."
Tia Safalin "Safalin... She looks kind of scary, huh? Ahaha. Pick another name."
Rio Ranger "There's already a doll named Rio Ranger… I'd be fine with Rio, though. Rethink it."
Rio Laizer "There's already a doll named Rio Laizer… I'd be fine with Rio, though. Rethink it."


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