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Shunsuke Hayasaka (早坂(ハヤサカ) 俊介, Hayasaka Shunsuke?) was one of the 20 participants in the Death Game. He died in the First Trial.


Hayasaka is a lanky man roughly in his mid-twenties with grown out, somewhat messy brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a pair of gray-rimmed rectangular glasses.

He's seen wearing a suit that consists of a buttoned up grey jacket over a long-sleeved button-up white shirt, a striped blue and white tie, and a pair of matching gray pants.

He wears a collar as do all participants, dummies, and floor masters. Like all of the dummies, Hayasaka wears one that was especially made for doll usage.


Hayasaka is a rather anxious and submissive man that periodically speaks in a stutter, usually accompanied by nervous laughter.

Afraid of the monsters that come to attack, he does his best to help fend them off with the others.

His kindness and humanity is expressed with how distraught he is when Gin risks his life to save him; considering as a Dummy, his life isn't destructible.



Hayasaka originally worked for an unspecified corporation that dealt with medical machinery. He met a person from ASU-NARO and gave them information on the participants.

The Death Game

Hayasaka's victim video is found in Miley's Room, unlike the rest of the victim videos which were sold in the Prize Exchange. He appeared to be one of the participants that died in the First Trial, though it's unknown how he was supposed to escape and it appeared to be an execution instead. Before he was killed via a swinging blade, he curses out Sara Chidouin's name and the organization running the death game.

Hayasaka doll

Hayasaka is paired up with Gin Ibushi once he is revived for the sub-game. Like all of the other dolls, he awoke with knowledge of the situation and one piece of special information, though unaware of the circumstances of his death barring the victim video he appears in. Hayasaka, the moment he is paired with Gin, states that since Gin is a child, he will have to protect him; but Gin reverses this, claiming that Hayasaka looks weak. The power dynamic quickly shifts towards Gin having the upper hand and the two bond slightly throughout the early phases of the chapter.

After being introduced to everyone, an Obstructor appears, which the group must work together to defeat. At first it targets Hayasaka, but quickly switches to Anzu.

Once the locker room is reached, Hayasaka is unexpectedly brought to the ceiling forcefully by magnets in his collar, essentially hanging him, but is soon freed. 

Upon entering the office, Hayasaka reveals he works for a company dealing in medical machinery and information, and a man from ASU-NARO ordered him to retrieve information on everyone in the Death Game. Rather afraid, he states he didn't know what they would do to him if he resisted. 

Keiji claims that Gin is projecting his feelings for the late Mishima unto Hayasaka as a coping mechanism; becoming very distraught at not being able to save him should he die. 

After discovering the security office, another type of Obstructor is fought in the library. They are book monsters who can only be defeated by eliminating all noise within the room. They target Hayasaka, and if not defeated fast enough, they bite at him until he's dead.


Person What they call Hayasaka What Hayasaka calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Sara Hayasaka ハヤサカさん, Hayasaka-san? Miss Sara サラさん, Sara-san?
Keiji Hayasaka ハヤサカ, Hayasaka?
Gin Suit-and-specs スーツメガネ, Sūtsumegane?, lit. "Suit glasses" Gin ギンくん, Gin-kun?

Person What they call Hayasaka What Hayasaka calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Kurumada Hayasaka ハヤサカ, Hayasaka?
Hinako ハヤサカ, Hayasaka?
Anzu Hayasaka ハヤサカ, Hayasaka?
Hayasaka (self) , Watashi?

Person What they call Hayasaka What Hayasaka calls them
English Japanese English Japanese


  • The kanji that makes up his first name are , shun?, lit. "excellence; genius" and , suke?, lit. "involve oneself; shellfish".
  • He had an 8.2% chance of winning the Death Game.
  • For the two Obstructors faced in Chapter 3 as of Part 1-A, he is always the first target.


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