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For the real Sou, see Sou Hiyori.

Shin Tsukimi (月見(ツキミ) (シン), Tsukimi Shin?), better known as Sou Hiyori, is one of the 20 chosen to participate in the Death Game. He is a self-proclaimed job-hopper.


Shin is a young male described as frail. He stands with poor posture. He has fluffy, light teal hair with slightly darker teal eyes.

Shin's outfit consists of a green beanie, a pale brown long-sleeved shirt tucked into khaki pants, and a purple jacket. His pants are held up with a brown belt with a gold buckle. Shin also wears a pink-orange polka-dotted scarf with tassels. The polka-dots are colored in a stripped, reflected pattern of peach, pink, and dark brown. He has also been shown to wear light brown fuzzy boots.

Being a participant of the Death Game, he wears a collar device.


At first introduction, Shin is generally friendly but a bit standoffish and introduces himself as Sou Hiyori. He's secretive due to being distrustful of the other participants. Despite this, he helps everyone discover secrets about where they're trapped.

Shin is canny and intelligent, but due to his suspicious nature, he has a habit of jumping to negative conclusions, especially in regards to Sara. He cannot comprehend Sara's charisma and is both resentful and envious of how she manages to gain the others' trust.

Survival is his main priority, and with knowledge of his survival rates that were provided by the organization, his previous personality (he presumably used to be a truthful person as suggested by his name) snaps and warps to what he believes would better serve his continued existence. This also means lying to achieve whatever ends, and skillfully at that.

He is a skilled computer hacker and appears to care for Kanna Kizuchi, during the attractions Sub-Game and onward. To watch over Shin, Kanna takes up the habit of sleeping in the same room as him and they appear to grow close during this time. Regardless, Shin has no problem tricking and manipulating her or the others to ensure his life is safe and his plans are realized.

However, despite begging Sara for help during the second Main Game, he is devastated if Kanna is chosen to die instead of him, and enacts what he believes is justified retribution on Sara, psychologically tormenting her with a twisted version of the Joe AI.

If he is chosen instead, Shin demonstrates empathy and compassion within his dying moments; accessing the Joe AI for Sara to find and reach some closure.

When his plans or calculations fall through, Shin tends to break his friendly façade. He generally keeps a calm, callous tone when speaking, but has shared glimpses of what he might've been like outside the Death Game. When he was excited about potentially escaping the facility he let his guard down slightly, even to Sara, who has the option to give him a high-five and have him unthinkingly reciprocate.

Before the Death Game, Shin's AI indicates he was a lot more timid than the Shin we meet during the death game.[4]


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Growing up, Shin's parents spoiled him. As an adult, he felt a certain level of exasperation over it even as he felt he should express more gratitude toward them. He became a freelancer[5] even as he claims to be a job-hopper in order to have a semblance of independence.[6] Supposedly, he was working at a convenience store up until he got kidnapped.

Shin met Sou Hiyori in high school, and their relationship seemed to have been toxic in nature. When asked about Sou, Shin's AI refers to Sou as his "scary friend" and that Sou enjoyed seeing him scared and restless.[4]

The Death Game

I was on the way to my usual part-time job at a convenience store. It’s a bad part of town… and I was aware of how dangerous it could be at night… But the night shift wages are good… so. Suddenly, someone attacked me. I can’t remember what else happened then.
— Response to "Memories before arriving."

Shin's shadow beginning to torment him.

Shin supposedly was kidnapped on his way to a part-time job at a convenience store in the bad part of town. He woke up in the Black Room on the second floor of the facility. There, Sue Miley introduced herself. She explained the survival rate of all the participants to a nausea-inducing degree and Shin's position of dead last with a whopping 0%. The information psychologically cornered him to the point his personality cracked. He threw away his sense of self as Shin Tsukimi and adopted Sou Hiyori's name. This event was Shin's First Trial.

Afterward, he met the other surviving participants and presented himself as a timid and gentle person. He partnered up with Sara, who he knows to have the highest chance of survival of the Death Game, in exploring the first floor. During the course of investigations, he keeps a wary and envious eye on Sara who easily gains everyone's trust.

When Sara gets trapped in the Blue Room with Joe, Keiji, Q-taro, and Kai, he leaves to supposedly find a way to get them out of the room. However, he never returns.

Then, all the participants are made to play the Second Trial where, as a "practice round," they have to vote for someone using their voting tablets. The tablets are distributed to them by Miley who had revealed herself to the rest of the participants. Where everyone voted for themselves (except Nao for different reasons), Sou is implied to have also voted for Mishima. With three votes, Mishima receives the majority vote and is summarily executed as an example.

After the Second Trial, Sou works in the Hidden Room to try and unlock the password to open the laptop he found. He is able to open it using the password "Chidouin" and discovers what he believes to be incriminating e-mails about Sara being involved in the Death Game. While he's in there, the lights go out briefly, someone knocks him unconscious and steals the laptop.

Later, Sou lies to Sara that he voted for Joe during the Second Trial, insinuating that Joe had voted for Mishima.

At some point, Sou picks up a Commoner Card and a Sacrifice Card. After being introduced to a man in stripes, Sou rests with Kanna in the bar. He discreetly places the Sacrifice card so that Kanna will see it and pick it up. Sou then offers to trade the Commoner card he has with Kanna's newly found Sacrifice, as it is dangerous, thus putting Kanna in Sou's debt. Somehow, Sou found another Commoner card and the Sacrifice made its way to someone else.

Eventually, the time comes to participate in the Main Game. Right off the bat, Sou claims to be the Keymaster. Sara may try to refute his claim, but as there is no way of knowing the truth, the subject is dropped. During the discussion of the validity of Kanna stating she wants to die, Sara suspects Sou may be trying to protect her by urging a new topic.

Sou snaps.

While Nao's actions involving the disappearance of her and Mishima's head is uncovered, Sou distrusts her and wonders if she did so because she was with the kidnappers. He remembers that it was Nao who hit him on the head, which leads to Kai threatening Nao to steal his laptop for him being revealed. Sou tells everyone that he actually unlocked the password and recites the suspicious emails he found. However, it backfires, and everyone stands up for Sara. Sou gets cornered, and suddenly snaps. His personality completely switches and he insults everyone as a group. Sou asks to talk things out with Sara, one-on-one. Sara manages to refute all his remarks, and it is time for the preliminary vote. Sou receives 2 votes, and becomes a candidate for the final vote.

Sou still claims to be the Keymaster, and is backed up by Kanna claiming to be the Sage, which was part of his plan. Eventually though, Sara manages to determine the roles. Time runs out and the final vote starts. Disregarding Sara's vote, Sou receives 3 votes, but Kai, who was the Sage, receives 6, and dies along with Joe, the Sacrifice.

After the Main Game, the participants are moved to the third floor. While the others are in the Prize Exchange listening to Rio Ranger and Tia Safalin, Shin breaks the monitor that contains his AI in the Monitor Room, causing it to be cracked and unusable. Everyone notices that they haven't seen Sou around. Eventually, it is decided to go to Sou's bedroom to ask him what's up. He is found collapsed on the floor. He dizzily gets up and feigns amnesia. He begins asking questions about the situation, and prods Sara about who died, and where Joe is, causing Sara to freak out. Kanna says she'll keep an eye on Sou and figure out what his deal is.

At noon, Sou is found in the Monitor Room with Kanna, and at night with her in the Ruined Corridor. In the Monitor Room another cracked monitor is found, and suspicion is immediately on Sou, but Kanna vouches for him as she was with him.

The next morning, Sou and Kanna are available for Negotiation. They ask just to talk with Sara. They discuss about who Sou's attacker was and who destroyed the two monitors. Eventually, Sou stops wanting to talk and just leaves the conversation.

Into the afternoon, Kanna and Sara find Kanna and Kugie's First Trial room. Sara finds a phone with a hurtful message to Kanna on it, but thanks to Sou arriving at just the right time, she's saved. Sou asks to trade tokens with Kanna, along with Alice.

Sou returns to the Trial Room to pick up the phone. He taunts Sara, who is angry that he got it before her, about what he might end up doing with it. Sou says it's just a fabricated cruel message, and then accuses Sara of trying to set it up for Kanna to see. Sara steals back the phone easily due to Sou's feeble resistance, but sees that he had written a new positive message for her instead.

Later, at night, Kanna and Sou are found in the Ruined Corridor by Sara and Keiji. They try to negotiate who gets ownership of Kai's Laptop. Sou says since found it first and as a charger, he should have it. Kanna agrees to trade the laptop for the phone in Sou's possession. Sou then says there's nothing left to do, but Keiji asks if Sou is really wearing a collar, since his neck has never been seen. Sou laughs and offers instead to trade the laptop for 50 of Keiji's tokens, but Keiji refuses. As an apology, Sou shows his collar to Keiji and runs off.

Once the Final Attraction begins, Sou's token trading means that he places from 2nd to 5th. Along with Kanna, Alice and Keiji, he is neither pinned to the target nor lifted into the Impression Room. Once the fake Reko is exposed, Sou remarks that her desperation to live makes her "basically a human at this point", something that he feels bad over.

After the results of the Final Attraction, Sou has a nightmare where he's in his First Trial room, the Black Room, talking with his shadow again. Once again it taunts him, and then notices his countenance has changed quite a bit. The shadow leaves, and the room turns dark. Unfazed, Sou just says it's gloomy and runs. He finds himself in the Hidden Room and sees his dead body, from when Nao knocked him unconscious and stole the laptop. Sou runs to the Main Game grounds and picks up Kai's frying pan. He tries to run away again, but a voice stops him. The nightmare ends with Sara grabbing him by the neck and preparing to strike with a knife.

Sou wakes up, disoriented, with Kanna concerned by his side. According to Gashu, he is to participate in the Second Main Game. It is hinted that Sou began with the Keymaster, but it is quickly traded away from him by Keiji. For the remainder of the 3 hours leading up to the Second Main Game, Sou is a Commoner.

In the Second Main Game, Sou is one of the 4 participants chosen at the end of the preliminary round, alongside Keiji, Kanna and Nao. The Four Papers are brought up, more specifically the name "Shin Tsukimi". It is eventually deduced that only one person can be Shin Tsukimi - Sou. He comes clean as a result and explains why he took on his alias; to avoid what he perceived to be certain death.

As Keiji is the Keymaster and Nao is the Sacrifice, only Kanna or Sou receiving the majority vote will spare the group as a whole. Kanna believes that Sou can be useful in future attempts to escape the Death Game, but Sou refuses, claiming that he will never forgive Sara should she choose to kill a child. Kanna and Sou vote for themselves; Keiji and Gin vote for Kanna, while Q-taro and the surviving Yabusame vote for Sou. Nao, with her two extra votes, votes for herself. It is now up to Sara to decide who lives and who dies.

Voting For Kanna (Shin Lives Route)

Shin receives 3 votes, guaranteeing that he will survive at Kanna's expense. Shin begs for the reason why he was spared as Kanna requests a final hug. After watching Nao's execution, Safalin announces that it is time for Kanna's execution. Shin is left speechless as Kanna requests that everyone takes care of him, and then is injected with Human Flower seeds from her collar that erupt out of her body.

...I'll kill you... Worthless... It's all worthless... The Floor Masters... Sara... Every one of the riffraff... I'll kill every one of you who killed Kanna...!! That's right... and first... will be Sara...
— Shin in Shin Lives route

Kanna expires, and Shin is left deeply vengeful. He proclaims that he will kill the Floor Masters and remaining survivors in Kanna's name, specifically noting that Sara will be his first victim. Afterwards, he storms towards the Room of Rubble and hacks into the AI of Joe, making it so that Joe will blame Sara for his death, and that of Kanna's as well. When Sara confronts the AI, she is left traumatized to the point that she forgets Joe's entire existence.

Nevertheless, despite some protest, Shin accompanies the rest to the fourth floor of the facility, where they meet Midori. Midori refuses to accept to take back his old name, causing Shin to keep going by his alias. For the Murderer Game, Shin is partnered with Naomichi Kurumada.

Shin then joins in searching the fourth and fifth floors, stating that he hates both Sara and Midori equally, but will prioritize getting rid of Midori first. He panics upon seeing the consent form in the classroom, but recalls signing it. Shin is also present during Keiji and Midori's battle.

Voting For Shin (Kanna Lives Route)

Shin receives 4 votes, guaranteeing that he will die so that Kanna will live. He pitifully laughs as Sara claims that she hated him enough to condemn him to death. After watching Nao's execution, Safalin announces that it is time for Shin's execution. As a final act of defiance, Shin tears his own collar from his neck and runs out of the Main Game's grounds, directly towards the facility's security systems that mortally wound him.

Bleeding and tearfully smiling, Shin ruminates on how his efforts to survive ultimately did nothing but delay his death. He staggers towards the Room of Rubble to activate his "final present;" a non-corrupted Joe AI for Sara's sake.

Shin, slumped over, dead.

Sara herself looks for and finds Shin collapsed in front of a keyboard. She attempts to wake him, but it's too late.

Shin has already expired.


Kanna Kizuchi

Even before their blood bond is revealed, Shin and Kanna establish a friendship similar to that of a younger sister and older brother. Before the first Main Game, Kanna finds the Sacrifice hidden by Shin but is informed that it's dangerous and he trades cards with her. He also helps her form a strategy for the Main Game. Due to this, she is put into his debt and lies about being the Sage to help push the belief that Shin was the Keymaster.

After the first Main Game when Shin fakes amnesia, Kanna insists on watching over him. From then on, she follows him and stays by his side, even sleeping within his room. Because of her, the two gained an alibi when Mishima's monitor was broken. She also shows him to her Trial Room where he finds a phone on the ground that her sister held in her last moments and changes the message, the original one created to corner and torment Kanna. If Kanna is alive, she reveals that she knew from the start that Shin had written the message rather than Kugie, aware of how he cares about her.

During the second Main Game, Shin figures that Kanna has the Sacrifice and tries to lead the majority of the votes to her. However, the latter reveals that she isn't the Sacrifice, having to repeat herself when Shin nervously asks if she's sure. In the final vote, he begs for Sara's vote, stating that if she votes for Kanna he will never forgive her. If Kanna dies, Shin is enraged to the point of swearing to kill Sara and everyone who voted for her.

Despite their closeness, Shin is aware that if Kanna were the Sacrifice and has received the most votes, she wouldn't have chosen him to leave with her. In return, Kanna is aware of just how many times Shin has manipulated her into doing things for his own gain and survival. Albeit they have their flaws, the two are ultimately close and do everything in their power to protect the other.

Sou Hiyori

Shin and Sou met in Shin's high school. Though, later on Shin found out that Sou hadn't even been a student at his school. Despite the two spending a lot of time together, Shin couldn't say he really knew who Sou was. Although, supposedly Shin learned many things at the other's house.

He's... a scary friend of mine...
— Shin AI's response to "About Midori"[src]

Their relationship is inferred to have been very dysfunctional. Shin was afraid of Sou and Sou was aware of that fear, but he enjoyed watching Shin get sweaty and anxious. Despite that, Shin referred to Sou as his friend until the latter's supposed death. After the latter's initial disappearance, out of loneliness of loosing a close friend, Shin took Sou’s scarf as a reminder of someone he had looked up to. The scarf became a comfort item for him. However, Shin notes that although he missed Sou, he was also relieved. It causes Shin to harbor confused and conflicted feelings regarding his former friend.

Midori is also shown to be coldly possessive of Shin. When he first met the participants in the doll cemetery (and Shin is dead) he says how unfortunate it was that he didn't get to kill Shin himself if the latter was going to die anyway. When he's called out about his attitude, Midori, annoyed, claims they just don't understand his affection for Shin. Later, when he catches the Shin AI talking to the participants, Midori sharply orders the AI to stop being friendly with them-- to which the AI responds with an apology and flustered adherence. Also to note: Despite the AI's being self-aware and emotionally intelligent, Midori says about the Shin AI, "That's mine."

When asked about their relationship, Shin trails off after saying they were often together when he was alive. However, it was irrelevant now, because Midori is an enemy, and regardless of Shin's presence he wasn't going to go easy on them. In fact, Midori was likely to be even more fired up because Shin was with them as he enjoys seeing Shin’s reactions.

Sara Chidouin

In his First Trial, he was told about the Death Game and was given papers about the candidates' survival rates. When he saw Sara's percentage of survival and compared it to his, he became wary of her. This suspicion continues to manifest throughout the game, and is only supported by the e-mails on Kai’s Laptop suggesting that she has a connection to the kidnappers.

Despite his distrust of Sara, he remains on mostly friendly terms with her until the first Main Game, in which Shin continually lies to get his way, leading Sara to equally doubt him. This Main Game is also the first point in which Shin voices his doubts about Sara, through telling others about the e-mails and questioning why everyone is so quick to trust her.

The rift between the two only grows, with Shin continuing to manipulate others, and the cast continuing to doubtlessly believe in Sara. Sara finds out the truth about how Shin manipulated Kanna in the first chapter, leading to increased hatred from everyone else, including Sara. Shin still greatly doubts Sara and everyone’s trust in her, even believing her to have written the hateful message towards Kanna. Within his nightmare, Shin’s perception of Sara is revealed to be that of a ruthless killer, directly contrasting how Sara truly is.

Although their suspicion of each other only grows during Chapter 2, they are capable of working together for the greater good, as seen in Chapter 2 Part 2 in which Sara assists Shin in taking down the facility’s security system, and when Shin vows to tell Sara every piece of information he knows in order to win an extension for the second Main Game.

Depending on the player’s choices in the second Main Game, Sara and Shin’s relationship can take two very different directions. If Shin is chosen to die, he shows kindness to Sara, allowing her to reconcile with Joe’s AI, and expressing that he should have shown trust in the others. If Kanna is chosen to die, Shin is incredibly hostile towards Sara, vowing to kill her, as well turning Joe’s AI so malicious that Sara forgets about Joe completely.

During the Murderer Game, (if he's alive) Shin states that he hates Sara and Midori equally. But, defeating Midori is a priority and he chooses to cooperate with her until he's dealt with; referring to Sara as the "main course."[7]


Person What they call Shin What Shin calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Sara • Sou
• Shin
ソウさん, Sou-san? • Miss Sara
• Sara
サラさん, Sara-san?
サラ, Sara?
Joe • Sou ソウさん, Sou-san? • Joe ジョーくん, Joe-kun?
Keiji • Sou ソウ, Sou?
月見 真くん, Tsukimi Shin-kun?[8]
• Keiji ケイジさん, Keiji-san?
ケイジ, Keiji?
Shin (self) ボク, Boku?
Gin • Loner 陰キャ, Inkya?, lit. "negative personality, asocial type"
ソウさん, Sou-san?
• Gin ギンくん, Gin-kun?
ギン, Gin?
Kanna • Sou ソウさん, Sou-san?
シンさん, Shin-san?
• Kanna カンナちゃん, Kanna-chan?
カンナ, Kanna?
Q-taro • Sou ソウ, Sou? • Q-taro Qタロウさん, Q-taro san?
Reko • Sou
• Beanie
• Beanie guy
ソウ, Sou?
ニット帽, Nitto-bō?, lit. "Beanie"
• Miss Reko レコさん, Reko-san?
Alice • Sou
• Sou Hiyori
• Shin Tsukimi
ソウ, Sou?
ヒヨリ ソウ, Hiyori Sou?
日和 颯, Hiyori Sou?
月見 真, Tsukimi Shin?
• Alice
• Gonbee
アリスさん, Arisu-san?
ゴンベエさん, Gonbē-san?
Mishima • Sou ソウさん, Sou-san?[9] • Mishima ミシマさん, Mishima-san?[9]
Nao • Sou ソウさん, Sou-san? • Miss Nao
• Nao
ナオさん, Nao-san?
Kai • Sou ソウさん, Sou-san?
ソウくん, Sou-kun?
• Kai カイさん, Kai-san?

Person What they call Shin What Shin calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Kurumada • Sou ソウ, Sou? • Naomichi Kurumada
• Kurumada
Hinako • Hinako ヒナコ, Hinako?
Ranmaru • Ranmaru Kageyama
• Ranmaru
影山 蘭丸, Kageyama Ranmaru?
ランマル, Ranmaru?
Mai • Mai マイ, Mai?
Anzu • Anzu アンズ, Anzu?

Person What they call Shin What Shin calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Miley • Sou Hiyori 日和 颯, Hiyori Sou? N/A N/A
Ranger • Sou Hiyori ヒヨリ ソウ, Hiyori Sou? ノエル, Noeru?
着せ替え人形ノエル, Kisekae ningyō Noeru?
Safalin ソウさん, Sou-san? ハンナキー, Han'nakī?
Gashu • Sou Hiyori 日和 颯, Hiyori Sou? • Gashu ガシュー, Gashū?
フロアマスターさん, Furoamasutā-san?, lit. "Mr. Floormaster"
Sou • Shin シン, Shin? • Sou Hiyori
• Hiyori
ヒヨリソウ, Hiyori Sou?
ヒヨリ, Hiyori?
Maple • Miss Maple
• Maple
メイプルさん, Meipuru-san?
メイプル, Meipuru?
Meister • Shin Tsukimi 月見 真, Tsukimi Shin? • Meister アルジー, Arujī?


  • His likes are listed as soup and futon in his character profile.[3]
  • The kanji that makes up his first name is , shin?, lit. "truth; genuineness."
  • The kanji that make up his last name are , tsuki?, lit. "moon" and , mi?, lit. "see."
    • The first kanji, , tsuki?, lit. "moon" contrasts with the first kanji of Sou Hiyori's last name, , hi?, lit. "sun."
  • He has a 0.0% chance of winning the Death Game, the lowest among all the candidates.
  • While naming Midori in Chapter 3, Part 1, Shin is one of the only survivors of the First Trial that does not generate a reaction from him, the other being Mishima.


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