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Sara Chidouin (千堂院(チドウイン) 紗良(サラ), Chidouin Sara?) is the main protagonist of Your Turn to Die. She is a second year student at Sonobeno High School.


Sara is a teenage girl of average build and average height. She has orange/brown hair kept in a ponytail with a braid that wraps around the side. She possesses violet-colored eyes and develops heavy eye bags after the events of the First Main Game.

Sara wears the standard female uniform of Sonobeno High School, which comprises a beige buttoned-up shirt, a green checkered necktie, a blue blazer, and a purple skirt with pink flower patterns. Additionally, she wears light purple thigh high stockings.

Like the other participants of the Death Game, Sara wears a collar device around her neck.


Sara is described by her fellow participants as 'strong and dependable' on more than one occasion. Her "samurai" attitude and strong 'take charge, take responsibility' mindset proves her to be a trustworthy and dependable ally to the others. As a result, she's admired especially by those in the younger group, and is often referred to as 'Big Sis Sara' by Gin.

While Sara is a key player within the Death Game, she also suffers through her own self-doubt where she often believes that she is none of the things that those around her commend her of being. At times, she is also plagued with selfish thoughts about saving herself and sacrificing the other contestants for her own safety, but she snaps out of it and stays steady in her conviction to save everyone.

Additionally, while Sara can distrust or doubt some of the other participants, she continues to remain mature and work along with everyone as best as she can, always staying dedicated to her goal to beat the Death Game.

Sometimes, she puts the other's needs before her own and can be seen as emotionally unstable. Evidence of this is in the third sub-game where Sara begins to have a panic attack in the library, telling herself to calm down because she has to lead everyone to safety.



Sara lived at home with her mother and her father, along with a housekeeper who Sara never actually encountered. In the manga, the Chidouin family temporarily adopted a stray cat, which they named Kuro, up until they found a permanent home for it.

At the beginning of Chapter Two Part One, it is revealed that Sara is not the biological daughter of her father, but there is currently no other information regarding this besides that her adoptive father is connected to the Death Game.

At an unknown point, Sara became friends with Ryoko; she presumably became friends with Joe sometime after. At school, Sara introduced Joe to Ryoko, and the three eventually became close with one another.

The Death Game

I’m having trouble with a stalker lately… While returning from high school with Joe, I encountered my stalker. When I ran home… my mom had collapsed. After that… I don’t remember.
— Chapter 1, Part 1 summary

On the night of the kidnapping, Sara had stayed after school for clubs but had fallen asleep in a classroom. She later awoke and, realizing how late it was, headed off home. However, she was stopped by a shadowed figure. However, the figure revealed itself to be her close friend, Joe Tazuna, who had been waiting for her. He happily narrates his date with their mutual friend, Ryoko Hirose, to her, much to her lack of interest. The two walk home together.

As the conversation began to fall flat, Joe asked if things would be better for Sara if she had a boyfriend and if the reason she couldn't sleep at night is because of her stalker. Joe reveals that the reason he'd been walking Sara home as of lately was because he was worried for her.

While the two continued walking, a figure appeared illuminated by a street lamp's light. Sara notices them and runs in fear with Joe all the way home. Joe reassures Sara that she'd be fine and he head off presumably to his own house. As Sara enters her home, she immediately notices how both dark and quiet it is, having expected her parents to be waiting for her. When she enters the living room, still stunned by how dark it is, she turns on the lights and finds her mother unconscious on the floor. She panics and checks to see her mother is alive, also grabbing her room key that was on the ground as well. She soon becomes overwhelmed with dread and stumbles into the foyer to look for her father.

Joe reappears and tries to calm Sara down. He tries calling the police and an ambulance while Sara marches upstairs to her room. She uses her key to open her door and calls out for her missing father. However, she is instead met with multiple hands that reach out to grab her. She then fell unconscious.


Sara and Joe's First Trial.

When she awakens, she is strapped to a bed with a collar on. She is quickly alarmed by her situation and tries to retrace her steps, believing the stalker to have harmed her mom and soon her. However, she is snapped out of her horror by Joe's voice who's alongside her. The two learn of their First Trial from a phone in Joe's pocket, explaining that they are taking part in "The Two Person Vote." The voice explains that they have five minutes to escape the trap, less they die trying. Joe finds a key in his pocket and is able to free himself first. He whittles the key down to it's inner green color as the key was red and is able to free Sara in time. While the two venture out to try and escape, the floor gives away and they begin falling.


Sara's collar.

Sara was then awoken by a blonde man. After viewing everyone and seeing them all with collars on, Sara checked herself and found out that she, too, wore a collar. She notices Joe and is confused why he didn't come to talk to her. She attempts speaking with him, revealing both of their names to the others, but is caught off-guard by Joe telling her he has no idea who she is. She hysterically tries to remind him of who she was before he reveals he was joking. The blonde man suggests that everyone introduces themselves and leaves the questioning to Sara.

When meeting homemaker Kai Satou, Sara feels like she recognizes him but doesn't know from where. A frightened girl catches her attention and she tries to comfort her. An art college student named Nao Egokoro snaps at the blonde man, Keiji Shinogi, for calling her former high school teacher, Kazumi Mishima, suspicious, telling Sara that she refuses to trust him but doesn't mind trusting her. A grade-schooler named Gin Ibushi takes an immediate liking to Sara who he begins calling "big sis" (nee-chan, or just nee, in Japanese). Eventually, Sara learns that the frightened girl is Kanna Kizuchi, a middle-schooler who had been kidnapped with her big sister. When Sara probes at this fact, Kanna breaks down, crying about her sister's death and how it's her fault before passing out.

Baseball player Q-taro Burgerberg shows the others a box he'd found in his First Trial that Sara, Nao, and the unconscious Kanna's keys unlock. Inside, they find a doll head requesting for them to find its limbs. Singer-songwriter Reko Yabusame and Nao stay back to watch over Kanna while the others investigate. Sara ends up searching with job-hopper Sou Hiyori.

While searching, the two find a dart, a lighter, six dummy bullets, a cigar, and three real bullets. While searching in the Blue Room, Sara finds an empty revolver. Sou asks what she is going to use it for, noticeably dropping the miss/-san formalities he uses when referring to her. He then asks if she'd let him borrow the gun but, despite Sara's response, he lets Sara keep it on her. The two try to leave the room but are stopped by metal bars that separate them. The five within the room are greeted by a painting named Meister who explains that they're going to play a game involving the usage of the gun but they must select a Challenger first.

Sara and Q-taro get into an argument between which of the two should be the Challenger since Q-taro doesn't trust Sara enough to put his life in her hands. At the end of their fight, they hold everything to a vote where Sara receives votes from herself, Joe and Keiji and Q-taro a vote from Kai. Depending on if the player is able to persuade Q-taro enough, he either votes for himself or Sara. Afterward, Sara saves the four and receives a doll arm from Meister.

Joe then becomes Sara's searching partner after Sou leaves to search for help and doesn't return.

As soon as the students left the Game Room, they're stopped by Kanna who had come searching for Sara. She begs to know if she could've saved her sister since Sara, Joe, Nao, and Mishima all had the same trial she did. Before Sara can answer, Mishima interrupts and tells Kanna that the trial's restraints required force and since both girls were young and not strong enough, her sister died as a result. Kanna, however, continues to express her remorse over her sister's demise. Despite Joe and Mishima assuring that they weren't lying, Sara is able to convince Kanna and pretends to be her sister, telling her to live on for her. Reko then appears and admonishes Mishima for not giving her and Nao a sign that Kanna was found. After Reko and Kanna leave, Mishima asks that Sara take up the role of a sister figure for Kanna for the remaining time they are trapped.

The two continue searching where they find the rest of the doll's limbs. After rushing to the Pink Room where the doll's torso was, they call everyone to the room to start setting it up. Keiji sets the doll up and smoke fills the room before the doll comes to life and introduces itself as Sue Miley, the Laughing Doll. She explains that everyone must partake in a practice round for the Main Game. Miley hands out tablets to everyone and has them vote for someone. Sara's vote depends on who the player votes for.

In the end, Mishima receives the most votes. If the player voted for him, he'd have four votes. Miley laughs and activates Mishima's collar which begins burning through his flesh. Kanna then accidentally wets herself and begs to know why she's doing this to them since they were all good people. Miley mocks Kanna for the death of Kugie and calls her a sister-killer. Sara is enraged by how easily she trampled over both Kanna's heart and the kind words Mishima left her before her thoughts are cut short due to Kai hitting Miley with his frying pan. Sara is left confused by Mishima's death as well as Kai's identity.

As she leaves the Pink Room, Sara talks to Kai and ponders if he truly is her stalker before the lights cut out. The two search for a light switch and while looking around, she finds a Role Card glowing in the dark. She picks it up reads the back of the card, learning that if anyone learns of the card's existence, it's owner will perish. Kai turns the lights on and Sara's hides the card while he suggests they search the other rooms. After he leaves, she turns the card over and sees the role Keymaster.

While searching, she comes upon Reko and Kanna. Reko asks Sara if she could find Kanna some new clothes since hers aren't clean anymore. In the Blue Room, Sara finds a strangely detailed life-size doll of Kanna. She takes the clothes and hides the doll before returning and handing the clothes off. Kanna quickly leaves after telling Sara to not be nice to her anymore and Reko demands an explanation. She explains the kind-hearted lie she, Joe, and Mishima told Kanna and Reko reassures her that, since none of them meant to hurt Kanna's feelings, she shouldn't blame anybody.

Sara enters the Bar and finds Joe sulking. He tells her that the bar is calming and informs her of his suspicions of Keiji. He asks her if she really thinks Keiji is a police officer or not and she answers either she does or doesn't. Joe states that he can't find anybody suspicious, a discrepancy Sara notes due to him being the one to bring up the idea of a traitor. He then asks for her to look into him and she agrees.

As Sara continues her search, she notices a figure standing outside of the Red Room which had originally been locked. She walks inside of the room only for the figure to disappear and the door to lock behind her. She solves the puzzle of the room and discovers a man in a locker. He faints and she helps him out of the room where she runs into Joe and asks him to assist her. The two carry the unconscious man to Keiji who's still inside the Pink Room alongside Nao and Gin. An announcement requesting for everyone to leave for a body retrieval sends Nao into terror where she grabs Mishima's head and stuffs into the box that originally contained Miley's head before fleeing, causing Sara, Gin, Joe, and Keiji to give chase. Sara, Joe, and Keiji lose sight of both Gin and Nao and split up to search for them. Sara and Keiji investigate the second floor.

The two find Gin trapped in a cage and rescue him from the Birdcage Game. After searching for Nao to no avail, they realize that the second floor was a bust. Sara remembers Joe wanting her to question Keiji and she does but he deflects her and refuses to answer. However, he promises that, if the two survive the Main Game, he'd tell her and her alone.

Sara and co. return to the first floor where they found all the lights were out. While searching for the others, they discover Sou unconscious in a secret room he showed to Sara and Keiji. Missing from the table is a laptop that he and Sara found. Sara then looks under the table to see if the computer might be there and instead finds a Role Card. She grabs it and turns it over, revealing the role Sacrifice. Sou awakens and asks Sara what she's doing causing Sara to hide the card. She attempts to cover up what she was doing by lying and Keiji assumes someone on the first floor attacked him and stole the laptop. They agree to meet up with everyone.

The survivors all meet up in the Bar where Joe and Sara tell the other that they hadn't found Nao. They realize that the man Sara found has now woken up and they must interrogate him. Keiji originally was going to, but after hearing the man snapping at him, begged Sara playfully to do it instead. Sara does and she learns that the man is Gonbee Yamada, a prisoner who was arrested for thievery. She clears up a misconception about her being a murderer and asks for him to assist them. However, he declines but states he won't get in the way. Everyone gets back to searching for Nao except for Sou and Kanna. Sara insists that Gin sit with them but he says that he wants to search with her. Sara can either accept his help or tell him otherwise. If she says no, Gin goes and searches with Reko and Joe.

Sara solves the mirror room puzzle with Keiji's help and finds another life-size replica doll only of herself rather than Kanna. Solving the room unlocks a hallway that was blocked and she, Keiji, and possibly Gin find the key to the kitchen. They rush towards the room in particular, unlocking it and discovering the missing Nao. Nao yells for them to leave her alone, getting even more upset when Keiji tries to calm her down. She's pacified by Sara who sadly reminds her that Mishima is dead. Nao leaves to go and see Reko, leaving Sara and Keiji to investigate the box. They find Mishima's head missing and wonder who took it. While searching the kitchen, Sara notices an empty knife box with six numbers inside, three white and three black.

She and Keiji return back to the second floor and investigate both the Black Room and the White Room that were originally locked but were unlocked due to the numbers in the knife box. When searching the White Room, they are immediately unsettled by the room. Keiji figures the reason the room is so uncomfortable is because it was someone's First Trial room and that someone had died, further disturbing Sara who leaves after imagining the corpse.

While leaving to head back downstairs, she runs into Sou and Kanna. Sou asks if she remembers the Second Trial, the one that killed Mishima, and informs her that he voted for Joe, leaving Sara to ponder who Joe voted for if he didn't vote for himself.

She heads towards the Bar and finds Joe staring at something in his hands. Sara wonders if it's a Role Card, but he shows her that it's a picture of them and Ryoko. He tells her about his date with Ryoko and about how nervous he was. The two ended up talking about Sara and promised each other to hurt anyone who hurt her. Joe tells her to cheer up, less she want Ryoko to punch him.

After her heart-to-heart with Joe, she enters the Central Hall and is informed by Gonbee of a loud sound from the second floor. She rushes up to the back of the second floor and finds a large red door open. She decides to peek inside but is pushed in and falls unconscious.


Joe Tazuna

Sara is deeply appreciative of the bond she has with Joe, and they are notably close in comparison to the other participants of the Death Game.

Had she ever felt confused or despondent preceding the conclusion of the first Main Game, Joe was almost always there to cheer her up. The two care about one another deeply - this being shown throughout many separate occurrences, but most especially when Sara begs Miley to kill her instead during Joe's execution.

In her conversation with Joe's AI, Joe reminisces about their time together in high school. Spending time with Ryoko, talking during summer break, buying junk food after school, going to karaoke, Sara helping Joe study, etc. Joe tells Sara how they supported each other through rough times, and how he holds nothing but gratitude towards her.

In the official manga, prior to the events of their kidnapping, it is revealed that Joe gave her a cat keychain, as thanks for the dog key chain that Sara had received from Ryoko previously and had given him for his birthday. It can be implied that Sara holds a small crush or a secret admiration towards Joe, as she silently states her envy towards Ryoko when Joe shows up to walk her home, and when she states what she believed would be her last words in the First Trial. ("Joe, you know I...") In the 4th chapter of the manga, Shin mistakes the two as lovers, much to her embarrassment. 

Keiji Shinogi

Keiji has subtly guided others into giving their trust to Sara to establish some kind of order at the beginning of the Death Game. Keiji often tells Sara that she's cute, as a way to distract or deflect her attention from further explaining himself, which Sara herself notes. When investigating, he himself usually confers with Sara to further discuss possibilities and theories.

While he appears to care for Sara to some degree and seems to believe in her, his own issues lead him to hesitate on the most critical moments, at least in regards to his thoughts and feelings. Otherwise, he's seen willing to trust his life in her hands, regardless of Sara's feelings on the matter.

He also understands Sara and is aware of her own hallucinations following the events of the First Main Game; at the beginning of Chapter Two Part One, Keiji offers Sara a chance to rest on his shoulder, an opportunity she takes regardless of the player's choices. Later on, Keiji instructs Gin to keep Joe's dog keychain to himself to avoid triggering Sara's hallucinations. He does this later with Ranmaru when they find in on Floor 5 in Chapter 3. Even when Sara has gotten over Joe, he is still cautious and paranoid about the situation.

Gin Ibushi

Gin has been referring to Sara, along with Nao, and Reko as a "Big Sis" figure of sorts. Sara was at first hesitant to accept this sudden nickname, but as time went on she came to appreciate Gin and calling him the "savior" with his smile putting everyone's hopes up. He stands as a perfect ground for Sara. Sara even plays tag with Gin, not just for the Me-Tokens during the Discussions in Chapter 2, but so he can be more cheered up and not face the harsh reality of the Death Game by himself. Later on, it's thanks to Gin that Sara gets her act together as a leader after Joe's death by supporting her in the Room of Lies. Gin still remains as a great source for Sara's emotional support, and a trusted ally when needed.

Shin Tsukimi

During Shin's first trial, he was shown sheets of papers of everyone in the Death Game and their chances of winning. Looking at the bottom, he saw himself at certain death, while Sara was at the top, with over 15%. Because of this, he automatically became suspicious of Sara's actions and always kept a careful eye on Sara, teaming up with her and her friend Joe to monitor their actions and find out if they are related in any possible way to the Death Game. He becomes Sara's biggest rival, with it being implied he slipped the Sacrifice card to Joe, causing his death. He also bickers with her over Kai's laptop. However, Sara slowly becomes more dependent on him, mainly shown when the exit is blocked, and she begs Sou to find any way to escape, even if it's impossible.

However, around the time of the second Main Game, he begins to finally develop trust in Sara, seeing the First Trial as a ploy by the kidnappers to get the game moving. In this Main Game, he finally joins the group to defeat Gashu. At the end of the Main Game, however, Sara has to choose between Kanna and Sou. Sou has become really close with Kanna and begs Sara to kill him instead of her, stating that he's destined to die anyway. If Sou is killed, he will help Sara in his last moments, realizing she isn't awful. He will activate Joe's AI and cure her of her misguided thoughts of him as a "final present." If he is spared, however, he will torment her, causing her to lose her memory of Joe from trauma with a modified version of the Joe AI. He states he will murder Sara and the rest of the group for voting Kanna.

During the third Sub-Game, he remarks that he'll cooperate with Sara and the others to kill Midori, though he implies that he intends to kill Sara after this.

Kanna Kizuchi

Sara and Kanna share a bond similar to that of sisters. There were multiple occasions where Kanna accidentally referred to Sara as "sister" meaning she is similar or identical to Kugie.

After Kanna woke up after she remembered the horrid memories of her sister's death, Kanna disappeared and went searching for Sara. When she was found by Sara and Joe, Kanna begs Sara to tell her if she could've saved her sister. When Mishima and Joe lie and tell Kanna that she couldn't have due to the trial being unfair, she denies them and yells at herself for not saving Kugie. However, she is quieted by Sara who tells her something she believed Kugie would say, giving Kanna hope. Mishima informs Sara after Kanna left that the reason she went and asked Sara specifically was because she reminded Kanna of her late sister and asked that she be seen in a similar light.

Kanna was distraught and upset when Sara snapped at and blamed her for Joe's death. However, the two reconciled and open up to each other. She opens up to Sara about her adoption as well as shows her her Trial Room second, the first being Shin.

Based on Sara's strange behavior when everyone was reading from Kai's laptop, Kanna inferred correctly that it's because she was traded the Sacrifice. She changes the message on Kugie's phone and writes it to Sara as a goodbye message and tries to trade her Commoner for Sara's Sacrifice, meaning that Kanna was preparing to die from this action.

If Shin is left alive, rather than Kanna, Keiji states that, even if Kanna had received the majority of votes if she were the Sacrifice, she would've escaped with Sara.

If Kanna is left alive, during tag, Kanna willingly tries to become "it" for Sara after seeing how panicked she was. She placed her hand on Sara's back similarly to when they first met where Sara did the same thing to try and calm Kanna down.


Person What they call Sara What Sara calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Sara (self) , Watashi?
Joe Sara サラ, Sara? Joe ジョー, Joe?
Keiji Sara サラちゃん, Sara-chan?
サラ, Sara?
Keiji ケイジさん, Keiji-san?
Shin Miss Sara
サラさん, Sara-san?
サラ, Sara?
Sou ソウさん, Sou-san?
Gin Big sis Sara サラ姉ちゃん, Sara nee-chan? Gin ギン, Gin?
Kanna Sara サラさん, Sara-san? Kanna カンナ, Kanna?
Q-taro Sara サラ, Sara? Q-taro Qタロウさん, Q-taro san?
Reko Sara サラ, Sara? Reko レコさん, Reko-san?
Alice Sara Chidouin 千堂院 紗良, Chidouin Sara? Gonbee
ゴンベエさん, Gonbē-san?
アリスさん, Arisu-san?
Mishima Miss Sara サラさん, Sara-san? Professor Mishima ミシマ先生, Mishima-sensei?
Nao Sara サラちゃん, Sara-chan? Nao ナオさん, Nao-san?
Kai Miss Sara サラさん, Sara-san? Kai カイさん, Kai-san?

Person What they call Sara What Sara calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Kurumada Sara Chidouin チドウインサラ, Chidouin Sara? Mr. Kurumada
クルマダさん, Kurumada-san?
Hinako Sara-senpai サラ先輩, Sara-senpai? Hinako ヒナコ, Hinako?
Ranmaru Sara サラ, Sara? Ranmaru ランマル, Ranmaru?
Mai Sara サラちゃん, Sara-chan? Mai
Anzu Sara サラ, Sara?
Hayasaka Miss Sara サラさん, Sara-san? Hayasaka ハヤサカさん, Hayasaka-san?
Megumi N/A N/A Megumi Sasahara 笹原恵, Sasahara Megumi?
Kugie N/A N/A Kanna's sister カンナの姉, Kan'na no ane?, lit. "Kanna's older sister"

Person What they call Sara What Sara calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Miley Sara Chidouin 千堂院 紗良さん, Chidouin Sara-san? Miley ホエミー, Hoemi?
Ranger Sara Chidouin チドウイン サラ, Chidouin Sara?
サラ, Sara?
千堂院 紗良, Chidouin Sara?
Ranger ノエル, Noeru?
ロエル, Roeru?
Safalin Miss Sara サラさん, Sara-san? Safalin ハンナキー, Han'nakī?
Gashu Sara Chidouin 千堂院 紗良様, Chidouin Sara-sama?
サラ様, Sara-sama?
Gashu ガシュー, Gashū?
Sou Miss Sara
サラさん, Sara-san?
Maple Sara サラちゃん, Sara-san?

Person What they call Sara What Sara calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Mr. Chidouin Sara サラ, Sara? Father
お父さん, Otōsan?
Mrs. Chidouin Mom お母さん, Okaasan?
Ryoko Sara サラ, Sara?[2] Ryoko リョーコ, Ryoko?[2]
Mew-chan N/A N/A Mew-chan ニャーちゃん, Nyā-chan?


  • Sara's student ID number "SAMURAIONNNA" means 'Samurai woman' with an extra 'n.'
  • Her likes are listed as sweets and friends in her character profile.[1] More specifically she likes sweet pastes, such as strawberry jam, jams in general, mashed sweet potatoes with chestnuts, and koshian toast (which is sweet red bean paste on toast).[3]
  • The kanji that make up her first name is , sa?, lit. "(silk) gauze; gossamer" and , ra?, lit. "good; pleasing; skilled". The Hebrew origin of her name means "lady; princess; noblewoman."
  • According to Joe, she is a terrible swimmer.[4] This is later elaborated upon in one of her events with Mishima in Your Time To Shine, as Sara confirms that when she tries to swim, she just sinks.
  • Sara once tried to sit on a traffic cone in the past.[5]
  • She has a 15.5% chance of winning the Death Game, the highest among all the participants.


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