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Naomichi Kurumada (車田(クルマダ) 直道(ナオミチ), Kurumada Naomichi?) was one of the 20 participants in the death game. He died in the First Trial.


Kurumada is a muscular young man with bright pink eyes and dark skin. He has layered, fluffy, short hair which goes from green to dark blue in shade from the inside out.

He wears a dull black tank top with a frayed hem, orange pants, and bandage wraps around his wrists.

He wears a collar as do all participants, dummies, and floor masters. Like all of the dummies, Kurumada wears one that was especially made for doll usage.


Kurumada is brusque and does not trust people easily. He tends to banter with others and occasionally refer to them dismissively.



Kurumada was a professional boxer.

The Death Game

Kurumada was one of the 20 participants forced into the Death Game, he was alone. His First Trial involved running to a red button while two walls closed in on either side of him. He was unable to reach the button in time and ended up crushed.

A recording of his death was available as a "Victim Video" for participants to purchase on the third floor in the Prize Exchange.

Kurumada doll

After his death, Kurumada's AI was uploaded into a doll that looked identical to him in order for him to help the Death Game participants during the third chapter. He is paired with either Kanna or Shin as their support, depending on who died in the second Main Game.

After everyone introduces themselves, a monster called an Obstructor appears and attacks. The group works together to defeat it. If unsuccessful, it traps Anzu in her coffin and kills her.

Afterwards, they leave to explore the fourth floor. They enter the boxing ring room, which Kurumada is surprised to see is an exact replica of the gym he used to go to. As they try to pass through, the exitis blocked off and liquid begins to fill the room. Once again, the participants combine wits to figure out how to solve the room's puzzle. After succeding, they continueon their way.

After exploring the whole floor, Kurumada is seen reclining in an armchair along with Kanna/Shin, Reko/Alice, and Anzu (if she's alive) in the Art Gallery.


Person What they call Kurumada What Kurumada calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Sara Mr. Kurumada
クルマダさん, Kurumada-san? Sara Chidouin チドウインサラ, Chidouin Sara?
Keiji ケイジ, Keiji?
Shin Sou ソウ, Sou?
Gin Thug gorilla ヤンキーゴリラ, Yankīgorira?, lit. "Yankee gorilla"
Kanna Kurumada クルマダさん, Kurumada-san? Little missy
お嬢ちゃん, Ojōchan?
ガキ, Gaki?, lit. "brat"
Q-taro Kurumada クルマダ, Kurumada? Pro-wrestler old timer
Old man Q-taro
プロレスラーのおっさん, Puroresurā no ossan?
Qタロウのおっさん, Q-taro no ossan?

Person What they call Kurumada What Kurumada calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Kurumada (self) オレ, Ore?
Hinako Little miss middle-schooler 女子中学生ちゃん, Joshi chūgakusei-chan?, lit. "Junior high school girl"
Ranmaru Kurumada Fluffy-mop buddy
Anzu Anzu アンズ, Anzu?
Hayasaka Hayasaka ハヤサカ, Hayasaka?

Person What they call Kurumada What Kurumada calls them
English Japanese English Japanese


  • The kanji that make up his first name are , nao?, lit. "direct" and , michi?, lit. "road; path; route".
  • The kanji that make up his last name are , kuruma?, lit. "car" and , da?, lit. "rice field".
  • He had a 9.9% chance of winning the Death Game.


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