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Mai Tsurugi ((ツル)() (マイ), Tsurugi Mai?) was one of the 20 participants in the Death Game. She died in the First Trial.


Mai is an adult female with wild short reddish-brown hair and bright orange eyes. She wears a large cream puff shaped hat, a short dress with a beige bust and brown skirt held up with red ribbon straps that tie around her neck, and detachable brown sleeves that have white frilly accents. Her hands were covered with red velvet gloves until Rio Ranger took them. Oddly, these remain missing even as a doll.

She wears a collar as do all participants, dummies, and Floor Masters. Like all of the dummies, Mai wears one that was specially made for doll usage.


Mai comes across as a friendly though flirtatious person, being talkative and excitable, though occasionally obliviously making remarks that may make people uncomfortable; such as asking Sara to rub her cheek to compare the materials used to construct her doll-form. She tries her best to help the group, though sometimes her ideas lack foresight; especially shown in the optional bad ending in which she lights a firework inside of a library to fight monsters, leading the room to be engulfed in flame with no exit.

Despite this, Mai like the rest of the dolls was given the task to kill their partner to be able to live. She’s the first person to take up this task, stabbing Q-taro in the back and smiling as she does so. It’s later suspected that all the dolls were awaiting the perfect moment to kill their partners, which can be backed up as Mai was often seen close to Q-taro during the investigative periods.

In her first trial, Mai is shown to be panicked to the point of sobbing, and unable to make a decision decided to go with a random choice to decide her fate.



Mai worked as a baker prior to the death game.

The Death Game

Mai was one of the victims of the first trial, as revealed by Disk F which can be bought from the gift shop. Her first trial involved Mai having to choose between two guns in a Russian-roulette like game, where she had to shoot one against her head to be set free. Once pulling the trigger of one of the guns, when the time limit was close to the end, a bullet shoots out of it and through the side of her head.

After her death, Rio Ranger takes her gloves from her corpse.

Mai doll

After her death, Mai's AI was uploaded into a doll that looked identical to her in order for her to help the Death Game participants during the third chapter. She is paired with Q-taro as his support.

She reveals to Sara that her special info is that the real versions of the dummies died in the First Trial, and they were shown videos of the moments of their deaths. After everyone is introduced to each other, a monster called an Obstructor comes to attack, and everyone works together to defeat it. Afterwards, they begin to explore the fourth floor.

Upon trying to pass through the boxing ring, the passageway closes, and liquid begins to fill the room. The group works together to solve the puzzle. Sara discovers the ropes of the boxing ring can be cut so Mai uses the knife found on the ceiling to do so. The posts are coloured to match the ropes, and the room is solved. Mai keeps the knife for later without anyone knowing.

She later stabbed Q-Taro with the intention of killing him so she could complete her goal as a dummy, she failed and got knocked unconscious by Q-Taro.


Q-Taro Burgerberg

Like the other dummies, Mai's requirement for survival is different than the human participants'. To live, you must murder your master before the Floor Master, Midori dies. Mai took the opportunity to talk to Q-Taro in the Graveyard after everyone went off to track down Midori. Mai then stabbed Q-Taro in the back with the knife from the Boxing Ring mini-game earlier in the chapter. Mai cheerfully celebrates, explaining to Q-Taro her goal. Q-Taro, still having enough strength, knocks her out. He doesn't kill her because he felt bad for her situation as support. Mai would always flirt with Q-Taro, mainly to get his trust, and to be ignored more easily. It's unclear if Mai actually wanted to be friends with Q-Taro since she gets knocked unconscious.


Person What they call Mai What Mai calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Sara Mai Sara サラちゃん, Sara-chan?
Keiji Mai マイ, Mai?
Kanna Mai
Q-taro Mai マイ, Mai? Q-taro
Qタロウさん, Q-taro-san?
ご主人様, Goshujinsama?, lit. "master"

Person What they call Mai What Mai calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Mai (self) , Watashi?
Anzu Anzu アンズちゃん, Anzu-chan?

Person What they call Mai What Mai calls them
English Japanese English Japanese


  • The kanji that makes up her first name is , mai?, lit. "dance".
  • She had a 7.5% chance of winning the Death Game.


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