Kimi ga Shine ―Tasuketsu Death Game― (キミガシネ ―多数決デスゲーム―, Kimi ga Shine ―Tasūketsu Desu Gēmu―?) is a free online Japanese visual novel created and developed by Nankidai. It was originally released on NicoNico for the browser. With permission, it's been translated into English by vgperson as Your Turn to Die -Death Game By Majority-.

Chapter installments of the game have been released in two parts. Chapter 1, Part 1 was first released on August 28, 2017[2] with the latest installment, Chapter 3 Part 1, Section B released on May 30, 2021.[2]


Sara Chidouin and her friend Joe Tazuna are kidnapped and forced into playing a Death Game by a mysterious organization. They meet 10 others in the same situation as them, trapped in a facility with no way to escape other than play along.


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  • Sara Chidouin, Sonobeno High School second year. Though she has few friends, she treasures her best friends and trusts the people around her.[3]
  • Joe Tazuna, Best friend of the main protagonist, Sara. Sonobeno High School second year. Though he seems to be a comic relief-type character in daily life, he can be considerate of others with insightful comments.[3]
  • Keiji Shinogi, Self-proclaimed police detective. A noncommittally speaking, suspicious man.[3]
  • Kazumi Mishima, Current high school teacher. His characteristics are his suspicious appearance and laugh (like... 'Kukuku').[3]
  • Nao Egokoro, Mishima's former student. Someone who's always chosen the path of art. Loves painting from the bottom of her heart.[3]
  • Sou Hiyori, Self-proclaimed freeter. The only one wearing winter clothes, a timid and quiet personality.[3]
  • Kanna Kizuchi, Middle school girl. Originally a middle school girl that could be found anywhere.[3]
  • Q-taro Burgerberg, Second-string professional baseball player. A sportsman with a strong build.[3]
  • Reko Yabusame, Singer-songwriter. A vocalist belonging to an up-and-coming band.[3]
  • Kai Satou, Homemaker. A man who has the beautiful looks of a woman.[3]
  • Gin Ibushi, 6th Grade elementary schooler. Wears a cat-like hood, holds a cat-like faced cushion, a strange boy who adds "nyan" or "wan" at the end of his sentences.[3]

Additional credits

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Kimigashine is a freeware game using RPG Maker MV. It was originally written and produced solely by Nankidai using a number of resources, which he credits on the game page. As the game grew bigger he received help from a few others in subsequent chapters.

  • The minigames in Chapter 2-1 were made with the help of mt.saji.
  • Chapter 3-1 was produced with the help of HIJIKI and Alpha (あるふぁ).

Spin-off game

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The "sub-scenario" is a survival-strategy, resource management sim. A spin-off game where all the main participants of the Death Game will have playable routes.

In celebration of Chapter 2, Part 2's release, Nankidai organized a kind of stretch-goal on Twitter. If 2000 people retweeted his tweet he'd create and release a playable game.[4] The goal was overwhelming reached within 20 minutes.[5][6]


Manga promotional art

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Kimi ga Shine was adapted into a manga series published by Monthly Shōnen Ace written by Nankidai and drawn by Tatsuya Ikegami. The first chapter was released in the April issue on March 26, 2019 and on April 26, 2019 online.[7] The first two chapters are free to read on all available sites with the following chapters released for a limited time.

The manga was picked up for English translation by Yen Press under the title Your Turn to Die: Majority Vote Death Game. The first volume was released on April 27, 2021.[8]

Other media

While most of the BGM is available with the game, the first official release of the soundtrack was sold at Comiket 2019[9] and a second volume on August 27, 2020.

Photo credit: @rakugakimako

Nankidai often posts illustrations and 3-panel comics on his twitter. These are humorous non-canonical gag-comics that let him play with various characters who otherwise wouldn't interact in strange and surreal situations. These sketches often become the inspiration for many fans, who then create fanworks based on that art. For example, a June 3, 2021 sketch spawned an entire Twitter tag of Rio Ranger doodled omelettes: #オムノエルチャレンジ, Omunoerucharenji?, lit. "Omelette-Noel Challange"

RPG Atsumāru's official twitter publishes 4-koma comics. These are like Nankidai's casual twitter illustrations in terms of tone, but more polished up. The first 59 comics were drawn by Nankidai and the second series is drawn by Yusuke Higeoni. The comics were later compiled into a single volume titled, Kimiyon: Kimigashine Where No One Dies, and published on February 26, 2021 along with additional new work.


Various international fans and fan-groups have gone through the trouble of translating Kimigashine into other languages. While none of these can be counted as official, Nankidai has expressed appreciation for the hard work and dedication of his fans. The "unofficial" label of the translations are due to the fact Nankidai cannot verify the accuracy of the translations himself.[10]

Language Title Link Notes
English Your Turn to Die -Death Game By Majority- Up to Chapter 3, Part 1, section B.
Portuguese Your Turn To Die -Um Jogo da Morte Pela Maioria- Up to Chapter 3, Part 1, section A.
Spanish Kimi ga Shine -Juego de Muerte por Mayoría- The Spanish translation is based off of the English one. Up to Chapter 2, Part 2.
Korean 네가 죽어 -다수결 데스 게임- (Nega jug-eo -dasugyeol deseu geim-) Up to chapter 1.
Russian Смертельная Игра -Решением Большинства- (Smertel'naja Igra -Resheniem Bol'shinstva-) Up to Chapter 3, Part 1, section A.
Italian Mors Tua -Deathgame per Maggioranza- Up to Chapter 3, Part 1, section A



  • Based on Gin's birthday, age, and grade, it can be deduced that the events of the Death Game take place between March 13 and early April. In Japan, the school year ends in late March and begins early April. 6th graders are aged 11-12, and since his birthday is in March, Gin would be one of the youngest of his peers; turning 12 just as his sixth year was ending and entering 7th grade/middle school the next month. Thus, the events of the Death Game must start between Gin's birthday on March 13th but before entering his first year of middle school in April.
  • The game is commonly abbreviated to "YTTD" and "KMGSN."


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