Kimi Ga Shine Soundtrack Vol. 1 is the first complete album released by Nankidai. Although most of the track is included free with the game, the album comes with new cover art of Sara and Joe and two more songs. It was released at Comiket on August 12, 2019 along with a demo of Chapter 3, Part 1[1] and later sold online.


# Title
01 Your Turn to Go (キミガユク, Kimi ga yuku?)
02 Aren't You Cheerful (ヨウキダネ, Youki dane?)
03 Into the Incident (ジケンクル, Jiken kuru?)
04 Major Panic (大パニック, Dai panikku?)
05 Exploration A (タンサクヘ A, Tansakuhe A?)
06 Exploration B (タンサクヘ B, Tansakuhe B?)
07 Roulette (ルーレット, Rūretto?)
08 Even in Tragedy (ヒゲキデモ, Higeki demo?)
09 Belonging to a Smile (ホホエミノ, Hohoemi no?)
10 Day of Tragedy (ヒゲキノヒ, Higeki no hi?)
11 Day of Tragedy Exploration ver. (ヒゲキノヒ探索版, Higeki no hi tansaku-ban?)
12 Kind Moment (ヤサシイ時, Yasashī toki?)
13 Majority Rule (タスウケツ, Tasuuketsu?)
14 Cardiogram Prelude (シンデンズ序, Shindenzu Jo?)
15 Cardiogram Peak (シンデンズ高, Shindenzu Ko?)
16 Cardiogram Intense (シンデンズ激, Shindenzu Geki?)
17 Unpleasant Wind (イヤナカゼ, Iyana kaze?)
18 Reason It Out A (スイリシロ A, Suirishiro A?)
19 Reason It Out B (スイリシロ B, Suirishiro B?)
20 Don't Be Daunted (メゲナイゾ A, Megenaizo A?)
21 Don't Be Daunted (メゲナイゾ B, Megenaizo B?)
22 Not So, Sou A (ソウノウソ A, Sou no uso A?, lit. "Sou's Lie A")
23 Not So, Sou B (ソウノウソ B, Sou no uso B?, lit. "Sou's Lie B")
24 Gate of Hell (ジゴクノ門, Jigoku no mon?)
25 Samurai Woman (サムライ女, Samurai on'na?)
26 Clown's Song (ピエロノ歌, Piero no uta?)
27 All Move Forward (ミナススメ, Mina susume?)


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