Kimi Ga Shine ―Tasuketsu Death Game― (キミガシネ ―多数決デスゲーム―, Kimi Ga Shine ―Tasūketsu Desu Gēmu―?) is a manga adaptation of the video game of the same name. It is published by Kadokawa and serialized in Monthly Shōnen Ace, written by Nankidai and drawn by Tatsuya Ikegami.

The first chapter was released in the April issue on March 26, 2019, and on April 26, 2019 online.[1] The first two chapters are free to read on all available distributing sites (niconico Seiga, pixiv ace, and Comic Walker) with the following chapters released for a limited time.


Survive the majority vote!! This is an 11-player survival game......

The original game surpassed 1 million plays!! The Adventure game with over 9 million cumulative gameplay views posted on RPG Atsumāru and won the "Grand Prize" in the 20th Entame Awards × RPG Atsumaru PRESENTS Entame Homebrew Game section, is finally comicalized!! The composition is handled by the original creator Nankidai-sensei himself and talented artist Tatsuya Ikegami, wrote a different manga version of the game-- Watch out for "Kimi Ga Shine"!! Those elected by majority vote die. This is a survival game in which 11 people who were gathered fight for their own survival......

List of chapters and volumes

Volume 1 February 25, 2020[2] ISBN 978-4041088517
Cover character(s)

Vol 1 kmgsn cover

196 Pages

Chapters not yet published in volume format

The following chapters have appeared in Monthly Shōnen Ace but have yet to be reprinted in tankōbon format.



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