Kanna Kizuchi (木津池(キヅチ) 神奈(カンナ), Kizuchi Kanna?) is a middle school student and one of the 20 participants forced into playing the Death Game.


Kanna is a short, frail-looking girl who wears a signature bucket on her head. She has pale lime-colored hair with a yellow hair clip shaped like screws on her right. The screw design matches that of her sister, Kugie's own hair clip. Kanna has big green eyes and delicate features.

Kanna wears a school uniform that consists of a long-sleeved green sailor-style seifuku with a pink ribbon. It has a grey skirt with red striped accents and she wears knee-high green socks.

Being a participant of the Death Game, she wears a collar device.


Kanna tends to refer to herself in the third person, indicating a certain level of childishness, though she makes an effort to correct herself sometimes when she catches herself.

She is very trusting and naive, and believes in Shin despite knowing he manipulated her in the past. She can seem timid but is actually quite unafraid to speak her thoughts. While she was at first referred to as 'Frightened Girl' in Sara's internal alias, this does not appear to be the norm. When she was exploring the third floor with Shin she firmly lectured him for weakly wanting more breaks.

Kanna is fairly dependent on those with stronger personalities and often relies on other people for help, due to the self-belief that she is incapable of helping herself or others.

Despite being one of the most vulnerable and unstable of the group, Kanna tries her best to be helpful and demonstrates bravery, the initiative to act, and a willingness for self-sacrifice.

She has also shown some cleverness in how to figure out the password to Kai's laptop when Shin was at a loss, and simply lacks the self-confidence to understand her own value. This is also supported by Chapter Three. If she's alive it explains that Kanna was aware of Shin fabricating her sister's dying message, but took it to mean that he genuinely cared about her feelings.

When she was younger, she also had the habit of hiding her true feelings and pasting a smile on her face to avoid troubling her adopted family.



When Kanna was little, she was adopted by her current parents from an unknown orphanage.

Kanna and Kugie weren't close when they first met. Unable to bear her sister's hate towards her, she ran away from home and sat in the park crying with a bucket on her head. A boy tried to cheer her up and ended being misunderstood of bullying Kanna by Kugie who called Kanna "little sister" for the first time. When going back home, their relationship was fixed and got along really well.

The Death Game

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…I was coming home… with my big sister… We were eating ice cream… We were just walking along and talking… about what to have for dinner… …Suddenly... some scary people came out from a black car parked on the road…
— Kanna's self-introduction

On the night of the kidnapping, Kanna and Kugie were walking home while eating ice cream and discussing what they were going to have for dinner when people had jumped out from a black car parked across the road. Kugie and Kanna then lost consciousness.

The sisters awaken in their First Trial, "The Two Person Vote", where they are tied to beds and must figure out how to escape. Kugie gives her sister the key and tries to guide her through the trial. However, Kanna is too frightened to do anything and the timer runs out. Kugie's bed then folded together and crushed her. Unable to do anything else, Kanna leaves the trial room.

When Sara wakes up, Kanna is seen towards the left, squatting behind Kai and Q-taro. She wouldn't say anything until the others began to introduce themselves. Sara, trying to calm her down, placed her hand gently on her back and tried to comfort her. Kanna, beginning to calm down, introduced herself. Sara gets a bad feeling after noticing that Kugie is not there, despite Kanna's story mentioning that the two of them were together when they got kidnapped. When asking about what came after she arrived or where her sister was, Kanna remembers Kugie's death and screams, repeatedly calling for her sister and saying it's her fault. Because of the shock, Kanna passes out.

While Sara, Joe, Keiji, Q-taro and Kai are stuck playing Russian Roulette in the Blue Room, Kanna wakes up and goes missing, sending Reko, Nao and Professor Mishima to look for her. When Sara and Joe manage to leave, they find Kanna and she asks if she could have saved her sister. Before Sara can answer, Mishima appears behind Kanna and lets her know they were looking for her. Mishima tells her that she was unlucky and that the trial was unfair for her due to them having to remove their partner's restraints by force. Kanna in disbelief yells at the professor that he is lying and that it can't be, so Joe and Sara go along with the lie in an effort to calm her. She continues to claim that Kugie's death was her fault and that she killed her. Kanna relaxes a bit after Mishima asks her what her sister was like. When Kanna asks why her sister didn't use the key for herself, Mishima reassures her that her very existence gave Kugie happiness. He then asks Sara and Joe to take the roles of Kanna's older sister and younger brother. Kanna weakly tells her sister that she misses her before slightly shouting that she wouldn't give in because her sister was watching over her. Reko then rushes into the room after hearing Kanna yell and criticizes Mishima for not alerting them when he found her. Kanna then tells Reko that she has gotten the wrong idea and will explain while they head back causing Reko to stop yelling immediately and softly talk to her.

After Sara and Joe find the rest of the doll limbs, they call everyone to gather in the Pink Room, Kanna included. The doll is assembled, and the room fills with white gas and Sue Miley, the Laughing Doll, appears. She announces they are going to do a practice majority vote. Kanna most likely votes for herself. Mishima gained the most votes and is executed right in front of her. Due to fear, she accidentally wets herself, causing Miley to make fun of her. She yells at Miley that everyone here is a good person and asks how she could do such a thing and what they did to deserve such. Miley laughs and claims that Kanna, a powerless little girl, was beginning to seem like an annoyance. With venom, she calls Kanna a "sister-killer", causing her to fumble over her words. She then continued to let her know how she watched Kanna's First Trial and how miserable she looked and how her actions lead to her sister's death. She eventually leaves the room along with the others, save for Keiji, Gin, and Nao.

She is found later with Reko, trying to clean herself up. When seeing Sara, Kanna freezes up and Reko asks Sara to find some clean clothes for her. Sara finds an exact replica of Kanna's outfit in the Blue Room, and gives it to Kanna. When Sara tries to comfort Kanna, she jumps back and smacks Sara's hand away in surprise. She tries to calm herself down and tells Sara to not be nice to her anymore as she's afraid of having hope before rushing off, most likely to go change.

Later, everyone is called to the bar by Joe. After hearing that neither Joe nor Sara found Nao on either floors, she becomes worried. She, along with the others, meet the man Sara found in the Red Room, Gonbee Yamada. When the others decided to go back to searching for Nao, Reko tells her to stay in the bar and rest with Shin and Gin, though Gin refuses and searches with Sara, Keiji, Joe and Reko.

Sou and kanna trade

Sou and Kanna's trade.

While the others are searching, Kanna notices something glowing from the behind the sliding door and picks it up, revealing it to be the Sacrifice card. She is warned by Shin that she would be better off without the card, that the card is dangerous and it would be better for him to hold onto it. The two trade cards with Shin giving her his Commoner card and Kanna her Sacrifice card.

After Nao is found and she and Reko are reunited, Sara will run into Shin and Kanna for a moment, though Kanna will not say anything.

When the Main Game arrives, she is late to enter, barely missing punishment. To start off, Q-taro asks that she, Nao, and Gin tell the others how they were helpful and why they should be left alive. Instead of doing such, Kanna tells the others that she is fine with being sacrificed as she has had enough and just wants to go to her sister. However, Kai points out that she could be the Sacrifice, putting on a one-man show to try and earn votes and escape. Keiji also mentions how she has enough of a motive to actually be asking to die. She remains unresponsive for the rest of the discussion, being the only one not to say anything when everyone defends Sara. However, after Joe claims to be the Sage, Kanna lies and say that she has the Sage card and her divination told her Shin is Keymaster, rather than Sara. When asked for a design pattern, she claims it is a picture of a lock, in which Shin agrees. In the end, it is revealed Kai is actually the Sage and Joe is the Sacrifice, and they both die.

After the Main Game, she and Shin talk on the second floor where he tells her all she wants to know. She expresses her discomfort of their conversation, saying she doesn't want to make Sara feel sad, and asks if he felt anything from what the late Joe said.

She will later be found in the Monitor Room on the third floor where she'll avoid eye contact with Sara. She will witness the AI of Mishima appear on one of the monitors and tries to search for one of her sister where she is visibly upset that there is not an AI monitor of Kugie. She will then meet the newest Floor Masters, Tia Safalin, the Crying Doll, and Rio Ranger, the Dressup Doll. When Sara points out one of Ranger's accessories (Joe's hairclip, Kai's apron, Mishima's necktie), she will notice his skirt and recognize it as her sister's. However, after he asks if they have to right to condemn him for what he does, she falls silent.

When the others return from the Prize Exchange, they learn of a broken monitor and believe it's attacker to be Shin, Kanna suggests that she goes and looks for him while the others go and look for attractions. Reko will be against the idea, but Keiji will insist that Kanna has much more strength than they give her credit for. Sara is then given the options to either let her go on her own or go with her. If Sara tells Kanna that she is going to go with her, she will rudely announce that if she goes on her own. Shin will use her again. If Sara does the opposite and tells Kanna to do what she pleases, she will announce that what Kanna does is none of her business. Kanna is then heart-broken, asking if Sara doesn't trust her, to which she doesn't reply. Instead, Alice will yell at the two, claiming them to look similar to that of sisters quarreling. Sara will then reconcile with her, causing her to begin to cry. After listening to Reko talk about how "Mr. Beanie" pisses her off and how he used her, Kanna admits that she "tipped the scales" and explained that rather than Kai being allowed to live, it should've been Shin as Kai may have had contact with the kidnappers but ended up with the Sage card and died, all the while Shin knew about what the cards meant and even gave her a strategy to survive. They also discuss how the order of the cards worked, with Shin being knocked unconscious by Nao first and then trading cards with Kanna afterwards, putting her in his debt.

The group, minus Nao, head towards the Ruined Corridor where they find Shin's beanie on the ground. They believe that he had headed into an attraction on his own and they all decide to try and find him. Kanna is one of Sara's optional partners for the attraction Memory Dance. Even after finishing the attraction, there was no sign of Shin anywhere. Depending on Sara's partner, Reko or Q-taro will tell Sara and her partner that they found Shin inside of his room.

Kanna and the others worriedly head towards his room where they find a large wooden plank and an unconscious Shin. When he wakes up, she asks him what happened and learns that he has amnesia. The group then heads to the Lobby where Kanna asks if the others will trust her to watch over him and try to find the truth behind his thinking. She also states she'd be the best candidate as he would be less wary of her over everyone else. The others agree to let her do it, save for Reko with slight complaints.

By noon, Kanna will be found in the Monitor Room with Shin, letting Sara know that a few attractions have appeared. She also begins to question if any new location has been opened up, one that is not for attractions. She and Shin continue on searching. During discussions, Sara has the option to discuss with Kanna who doesn't want to trade and simply wants to talk. She pours the two some tea and begins to tell Sara that she feels like she's been a burden for a while, saying things such as when she is own her own, she can barely even stand or walk. However, Sara asks her if her standing and walking at the moment counted, to which Kanna tells her that she shares similarities with a warrior. She mentions that if Sara were a senior at her school, she would look up to her so much, even coming to the conclusion that Sara was popular at her own school. As their idle chat continues, Kanna admits to liking the way Sara speaks, even if Sara tells her she's been trying to fix her way of talking due to most girls talking less brusque-like. The latter tells her that she reminds her of Kugie due to her strength and her kindness.

She also explains that she and her sister weren't always on the best terms, but were especially rough when they met, to which Kanna admits to being adopted into the Kizuchi household where Kugie was ruthless to her. She thought to herself childishly that she couldn't trouble them and continued to smile, telling others that she was not mad. At one point, their mother got upset at Kugie for treating Kanna so horribly, to which she exclaimed she wasn't upset and began to force laughter out but stopped once Kugie asked what she was laughing for and calling her creepy. At some point, Kanna could no longer take her sister's hatred towards her and fled the house. She arrived at a park and cried with a bucket on her head, thinking to herself that she didn't want to go home. While weeping, she is discovered by a young boy who tries to cheer her up by pulling his shirt on top of his head. However, Kugie finds the scene and mistakes the boy for bullying Kanna by placing the bucket on her head and teasing her and tells him to beat it. On this special occasion, she also described Kanna to be her little sister for the first time. On their way home, Kugie notes that Kanna also cries and apologizes for her past behavior. She informs her younger sister that their parents are worried and that they should get home quickly. Ever since then, Kanna described, the two got along wonderfully She tells Sara that Shin might be waking up soon and so she should head back to his room, telling Sara goodbye and heading to said room.

Later that night, she and the others will head towards the Monitor Room where they discover that Mishima's AI broke. Keiji begins to question Shin, believing him to be the obvious culprit. However, Kanna claims she was with him the whole time, meaning that Mishima's killer couldn't have been him. She claims it has become her job to watch over him and began sleeping in his room along with him, giving him an alibi.

During the second day's discussions, Kanna and Shin are available for discussing, Kanna again only wanting to chat. She, Sara, and Shin talk about how Shin lost his memories, Sara going as far to suggest that the monitor's breaker and his attacker being the same person. Kanna points out that there were wood chips on the floor near the mystery monitor that was broken first. She also goes to explain that she and Shin were together and weren't able to see who the culprit was. She mentions that it might be people other than them, and when Shin questions if she is referring to possible other survivors, she says it may be people on the kidnapper's side rather than the victim's, saying that they still are unaware of how many kidnappers there are. Despite this, Shin explains that it would irrational for them to break a monitor that they prepared and says that he prays it wasn't Sara. Sara, obviously upset by his statement, asks why he would suspect her. Kanna also yells at Shin to apologize to her, telling him he suspects people a bit too much and that if he can't trust anyone, it would be all over. He then asks, because of the way it was worded, if Kanna trusts him, in which she replies that she does. She goes on to explain how terrifying he looked in the Main Game, but believes that without him there, that everyone's chance of dying would've increased. Shin avoids one of Sara's questions before telling Kanna that they've outstayed their welcome and should leave, even if she tells him to hold on.

After Sara, Q-taro, and Keiji agree to hide the hidden room, Kanna is seen by Sara in the lobby without Shin. When questioned about it, she tells her that Shin is sleeping and that Alice is watching over him. She admits to being a little tired as well. Kanna tells Sara that she found something while exploring and wants to show her, explaining that it's location is in the Ruined Corridor. She asks Sara to go with her and the two begin to head towards the room. Kanna and Sara go through an opening that is away from the hidden room. While walking, Sara tells Kanna to not let go of her, Kanna replying by telling her that she wouldn't, almost calling her sister. She corrects herself but Sara tells her that it's fine. Kanna then goes on to explain that being with Sara feels like she was with Kugie. The latter is asked by Sara if she had peeked inside, in which she declines, telling her that she and Shin both lacked the courage to enter the room. Sara enters first and recognizes the room to be one of the first trial rooms, looking exactly like hers, as Kanna walks in, immediately being able to tell this is her trial room, screaming in fear as memories resurface themselves. She is comforted by Sara before apologizing for her behavior and claiming to be fine. Sara tells her to wait outside while she investigates, Kanna hesitantly listening and exiting the room. She waits outside until she hears Sara yell after reading the forged message from Kugie, asking if she's okay. Sara will fall quiet and Kanna will begin to enter the room, calling to Sara to see if she can hear her and if she's alright. Sara, panicking, yells that someone is coming, to which Kanna turns around and asks if someone is there. Shin and Alice arrive, much to Sara's convenience, and ask Kanna to trade tokens with them. The four leave Kanna's trial room and trade tokens.


Kanna's tears of salvation.

Later on, Kanna learns of the smartphone Kugie had in her dying moments from Shin and is promised it if she can retrieve the laptop from Q-taro. She ends up bribing him with tokens and retrieves the computer, heading off towards the Ruined Corridor. She is discovered by Sara and Keiji where he asks her to bring the computer to them. Keiji tells Shin and Kanna that they want the laptop back. However, Kanna tells them that she can't do that. Shin asks Kanna to then give him the laptop, causing her to freeze up again. Despite Sara's constant cries for her to not hand over the laptop, Kanna reminds Shin of their promise, indirectly telling him that she wants the phone first. He hands over the phone and she gives him the computer. She then quickly unlocks the phone and read's the new message forged by Shin and suddenly breaks into tears, crying out to her sister that she loves her sister as well.


Shin Tsukimi

She shares a fondness for him, despite the others thinking that he only ever intends to use her. Kanna, without ever directly saying it, has a similar bond to Shin in a way that's a younger sister. They both get each other out of trouble on numerous occasions. Such as in Chapter 1, when Shin places the Sacrifice Card in the bar for Joe Tazuna to pick up later, Kanna picks it up, and Shin just tells her to not, and helped her for a strategy in the Main Game. Kanna and Shin both go out of their way in the second Main Game to ask people to vote for them without thinking of the other. If Kanna is killed, this absolutely breaks Shin's cooperation, and he doesn't even want to help the group with his skills, which is why they kept him alive. Kanna during the start of the 2nd Chapter always kept an eye on Shin, mainly to be there as support. However, it mainly gave him an alibi when Mishima's AI broke.

Sara Chidouin

Throughout their time in the Death Game, it is heavily implied that Sara reminds Kanna of her sister, even accidentally referring to her as "sister" when the two went on to discover Kanna and Kugie's trial room. After waking up from falling unconscious due to remembering her sister's death, she seeks guidance in Sara and only begins to believe the lie Mishima and Joe told her once Sara tells her it's the truth. It is also shown that she feels awful for betraying Sara and working with Shin on multiple occasions, such as after the first Main Game in the Monitor Room where she avoids eye contact with her and afterward when Sara replies rudely towards Kanna when she asks for permission to look for Shin, causing her to tremble. After being told by Alice that they should make up, Sara apologizes and tells her that Joe's death isn't her fault before asking to be friends again, in which Kanna starts crying. When voted for in the second Main Game, she doesn't blame Sara for her death and even thanks her, going as far as to ask for a hug from her.

Kugie Kizuichi

After being adopted into Kugie's family, the two's relationship had a rough start with Kugie disliking Kanna. One day, she could not handle her sister's hatred any longer and ran away to a park where she sat on a swing and cried with a bucket on her head. Kugie went looking for Kanna and found her with boy, thinking him to be bullying her and telling him to leave. This was also the first time that Kugie referred to Kanna as "little sister". Afterward, when the two returned home, Kugie began to try and fix their relationship, her attempts proven to be successful. They became very close with Kugie caring very much for her. When they were abducted and placed into their First Trial, she gives Kanna the key in hopes of her survival and tries to guide her along. However, stricken by fear, Kanna panics and is unable to free her from her restraints, ultimately becoming the cause of sister's demise. When asked by Sara about her First Trial she has a mental breakdown at the memory of Kugie's death. After falling unconscious, she seeks out guidance from Sara, who reminds her of her sister, and asks if she could've saved her sister after all. When she is told that it would've been impossible for her to save Kugie, she is visibly upset and continues to blame herself, claiming her sister was trying to help her. When reassured by Sara, who, in the moment, pretends to be Kugie, she says that she won't give in because her sister is watching over her. During the first Main Game, she tells the others that she is fine being the one they sacrifice as she claims she doesn't care anymore, has had enough, and just wants to go to her sister. In Chapter 2, she learns of a smartphone that Kugie had in her dying moments by Shin, who promises to hand it over to her if she retrieves the laptop that is held by Q-taro. She does so and, despite Sara and Keiji's protests for her to hand the computer back to them, she trades it for the phone and breaks into tears after reading the new message Shin wrote for her, calling through sobs that she loves her sister back.


Person What they call Kanna What Kanna calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Sara Kanna カンナ, Kanna? Sara サラさん, Sara-san?
お姉ちゃん, Oneechan?, lit. "Big sister"
Joe Kanna カンナ, Kanna? Joe ジョーさん, Joe-san?
Keiji カンナちゃん, Kanna-chan? Mr. Policeman おまわりさん, Omawarisan?
Shin Kanna カンナちゃん, Kanna-chan? Sou ソウさん, Sou-san?
Gin Bucket Girl バケツ女, Baketsu on'na? N/A N/A
Kanna (self) , Watashi?
カンナ, Kanna?
Q-taro Kanna カンナ, Kanna? Qタロウさん, Q Taro-san?
Reko Kanna カンナ, Kanna? Reko レコさん, Reko-san?
Alice 木津池 神奈, Kizuchi Kan'na? アリスさん, Arisu-san?
Mishima Miss Kanna カンナさん, Kanna-san? Mishima
Mr. Mishima
ミシマさん, Mishima-san?
Nao Kanna カンナちゃん, Kanna-chan? Nao ナオさん, Nao-san?
Kai N/A N/A Kai カイさん, Kai-san?

Person What they call Kanna What Kanna calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Kugie Kanna カンナ, Kanna? Sister お姉ちゃん, Oneechan?, lit. "Big sister"

Person What they call Kanna What Kanna calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Miley Kanna カンナ, Kanna?
木津池 神奈, Kizuchi Kan'na?
Ranger Kanna Kizuchi キヅチ カンナ, Kizuchi Kanna? ノエルさん, Noeru-san?
Safalin カンナさん, Kanna-san? N/A N/A
Gashu 木津池 神奈, Kizuchi Kan'na? N/A N/A

Person What they call Kanna What Kanna calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Kanna's mom N/A N/A Mom お母さん, Okaasan?
Kanna's dad N/A N/A Dad お父さん, Otousan?


Kanna vine arm
  • Her likes are listed as her sister, ice cream, and conversing in her character profile.[3]
  • The kanji that makes up her first name are , kan?, lit. "god; deity" and , na?, lit. "what".
  • She has a 2.7% chance of winning the Death Game.
  • The name "Kanna" also refers to a plant found in South Africa, this could possibly be a nod to her death in which flowers sprout from her body.


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