Gin Ibushi (飯伏(イブシ) (ギン), Ibushi Gin?) is a 6th grader and one of the 20 participants forced into playing the Death Game.


Gin is a 12-year-old boy of somewhat average height and weight. He wears denim shorts with a tail behind it, a grey t-shirt, a grey medical mask and a cape with a hood on it made to look like cat ears. He also wears cat paw mittens and pawed shoes and carries around a cat cushion which he very affectionately calls 'Mew-chan'.


Gin tries to remain positive and optimistic despite his situation. While he warms up to people easily, he can occasionally be sarcastic or blunt to them. Gin is rarely melancholy. He is very clingy and gets attached to those he meets. He becomes especially attached to Sara and views her as a completely trustworthy and kind sibling figure. While he may be young, Gin always attempts his best to help the group by finding clues and remains strong despite the circumstances. He ends a lot of sentences with "meow" and "woof" and tends to casually nickname those around him.



Gin Ibushi is a student at Heiwa Elementary. He is in Class 6-3 and takes care of the class animals. He says he doesn’t find school fun because he doesn’t like some of the other students, but he still thinks it's fun to meet up with friends and play together. He actually doesn’t wear his in-game outfit to school because teachers and other students don't approve of it and get mad at him, so he only wears it at home. This makes Gin uneasy at school, as he finds it easier to communicate and talk to people when he wears his outfit. His adherence to the rules gives his classmates the impression that he is obedient, but Gin himself disagrees.

His aspiration is to live with animals always. His current favorite animals are alligators.

The Death Game

Mom was late coming home, so I stayed up to wait… And I heard the intercom, so I thought she was back and opened the door, meow. A different grown-up was standing there, meow! …Don’t remember anything else, woof.
— Gin's self-introduction

It is unknown what Gin's First Trial was, but sometime after being kidnapped, he arrived in the Central Hall of the 1st floor and met the other surviving participants. Keiji Shinogi suggests that everyone introduces themselves. When talking with Sara, he automatically likes her, immediately referring to her as "Big Sis Sara." After introductions are over, Q-taro Burgerberg reveals the box that he carried for his First Trial. Inside is a doll head, with a note that asks to find the rest of its body. The group splits up to search. Gin searches with Mishima in the bar.

Eventually, all the doll parts are collected, and everyone gathers in the Pink Room. The doll is assembled, and a white gas fills the room. After is dissipates, standing in front on the participants is the Laughing Doll, Sue Miley. She explains they are going to hold a practice vote and hands each person a voting tablet. Mishima ends up receiving the most votes, so Miley kills him by having his collar burn through his neck.

After Miley leaves, a note on the back of the Pink Room door is discovered that told them had the vote been a tie, no one would have died. Nao and Gin, shocked by the professor's death, sit mourning next to his body. Sara decides to leave the room and after solving a series of puzzles, discovers a man in the Red Room. Upon bringing him back to the Pink Room, a body collection message is broadcasted. Nao, frightened by the idea that the professor is going to be taken away, stuffs the professor's head into the box the doll head was in and runs away. Gin runs after her.

Gin stuck in the Birdcage Game's cage.

Gin stuck in the Birdcage Game's cage.

It is ultimately decided the second floor should be explored, so Sara and Keiji venture forth. Entering the "Ro" room there, they find Gin trapped in a cage, steadily sinking into the floor. They try to get him out, but nevertheless, the cage becomes embedded in the floor. Sara and Keiji climb down a ladder and find Gin in the cage hanging over a green switch. Papers explain to them that in this game, the "Birdcage game", to free the hostage from the cage, the green switch must be pressed. While doing so, masks will appear to attack, but can be destroyed using "holy light", or rather, a flashlight.

Gin is successfully saved and the three exit the "Ro" room. They return to the first floor, with no luck in finding Nao. Joe asks to come to the bar, to meet the man from the Red Room that had regained consciousness. Eventually, they gather that his name is Gonbee Yamada and that he is in the exact same situation as the others. The participants go to split up again. Reko tells Gin to rest with Kanna and Sou in the bar, but he refuses and asks to go with Sara. If she refuses, Reko will take Gin with her, but they travel as a group along with Keiji anyway. Solving the puzzle in the "Mir" room, the gate to the 2F Back Hallway opens. There, a key is found that opens the door to the kitchen, revealing Nao.

After Nao is calmed, the 2F Back Hallway is explored. In the Black Room, Gin offers to search the shredder full of paper and try to put fragments together. At some point, Gin enters the red door that leads to the Last Supper Room.

Soon the Main Game begins. Q-taro starts a discussion by saying the Gin, Nao and Kanna are the weakest out of everyone. Gin eventually proves himself by showing what he found in the paper scraps in the Black Room. This leads to the discovery that Gonbee's name is actually Alice, a murderer and the older brother of Reko.

In the preliminary vote, Gin is not one of the five voted. In the end, Kai was the Sage and gained the majority vote, Joe was the Sacrifice and both die.

The participants are then transported to the third floor, where they meet Rio Ranger and Tia Safalin, the new Floor Masters. They are introduced to the new Sub-Game, in which they must collect Clear Chips by completing attractions. It is also a game of trust, where people can trade their Me-tokens between each other.


Gin stuck to the giant target in the Final Attraction.

By the morning of the fourth day, the time limit has run out. Since everyone, including Gin, collected 10 Clear Chips, they all proceed to the Final Attraction. Ranger lines everyone up according to how many tokens they received. Suddenly, a giant target hoists up first-place Q-taro on one side and last-place Gin on the other. Ranger explains that Gin will be injected with deadly venom unless Q-taro presses a button that will switch their places, and Q-taro will be targeted instead. It is up to Sara, Nao and Reko, placed in the "Arbitration Room" to figure out a way to save Gin.

Gin's near death experience.

The Reko currently in the Arbitration Room is revealed to be a doll AI, and it eventually comes down to choosing to push her down the pit or not. Gin is able to survive the venom regardless, thanks to Q-taro pressing the switch and/only Keiji retrieving an antidote from the Medical Office. Gin survives either way, but Reko or Alice's life is lost.



Gin is an only child, he lives with his mother and step-father. Both of his parents work so he tends to get quite lonely. He loves his mother very dearly, and Gin very affectionately mentions how she's super nice, and regardless of how late she gets home or how exhausted she is, she always cooks dinner for him, but this is much to Gin's dismay because he worries about her overworking herself.

Gin does like his step-father, but he has an alcohol problem that Gin gets annoyed and embarrassed about. Gin states that he doesn’t want to become 'that kind of pathetic grownup'. His step-father married his mother when Gin was 2 years old.[2]

Sara Chidouin

Gin refers to Sara as "Big Sis Sara" immediately, even without her fully understanding it or accepting of it. Gin usually is tamed by Sara during the Main Games to get clues like Four Papers found in Chapter 1. However, during Chapter 2, Gin is playing with her during his investigation events. Like tag, or just cleaning his Mew-Chan pillow. Sara sees Gin as a trusted ally, and Gin does in a similar way. Gin comes to comfort Sara in the Room of Lies after her hallucinations start destroying her mental health after she gets the sacrifice card.

Kazumi Mishima

Gin and Mishima did not have a very close relationship when introduced, as stated by Gin who refers to him as overly suspicious and is caught off-guard when learning of his occupation. The two then decide to search the bar together. Gin is frightened and heartbroken after witnessing Mishima's untimely demise, he and Nao staying behind next to the body. It is implied that he views Hayasaka similarly to how he viewed Mishima.

Shunsuke Hayasaka

Gin first learns of Hayasaka after viewing his First Trial on the first floor. Later on, the two are paired together on the fourth floor. It is thought by Keiji that Hayasaka is viewed similarly to how Gin viewed the late Mishima when questioned by Hayasaka as to why Gin treats him the way he does. If Hayasaka is killed in the library, Gin is momentarily shaken again after watching someone he was semi-close with die. He is also admittedly upset after learning the Dummies' real objective, having most likely trusted Hayasaka a lot.


Person What they call Gin What Gin calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Sara Gin ギン, Gin? Big sis Sara サラ姉ちゃん, Sara nee-chan?
サラ姉, Sara nee?
Joe Gin ギン, Gin? Big bro Joe ジョー兄ちゃん, Joe nii-chan?
ジョー兄, Joe nii?
Keiji Gin ギン, Gin? Mr. Policeman おまわりさん, Omawarisan?
Shin Gin ギンくん, Gin-kun?
ギン, Gin?
Loner 陰キャ, Inkya?, lit. "negative personality, asocial type"
ソウさん, Sou-san?
Gin (self) ボク, Boku?
Kanna N/A N/A Bucket Girl バケツ女, Baketsu on'na?
Q-taro Gin ギン, Gin? Muscle Gorilla 筋肉ゴリラ, Kin'niku gorira?
Qタロウさん, Q-taro san?
Reko Gin ギン, Gin? Big sis Reko レコ姉ちゃん, Reko nee-chan?
Alice Gin ギン, Gin? シマシマ, Shimashima?, lit. "Stripey"
Mishima Gin[4] ギンくん, Gin-kun?[4] Old guy
Hoodlum old man[4]
おっさん, Ossan?, lit. "Old man; uncle"
チンピラのおっさん, Chinpira no ossan?, lit. "Hoodlum old man"[4]
Nao Gin ギンくん, Gin-kun? Big sis Nao ナオ姉ちゃん, Nao nee-chan?
Kai N/A N/A Long-haired apron guy ロン毛エプロン, Ronke epuron?, lit. "Long haired apron"

Person What they call Gin What Gin calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Kurumada Thug gorilla ヤンキーゴリラ, Yankīgorira?, lit. "Yankee gorilla"
Hinako Shorty チビっ子, Chibikko?, lit. "small child"
Hayasaka Gin ギンくん, Gin-kun? Suit-and-specs スーツメガネ, Sūtsumegane?, lit. "Suit glasses"

Person What they call Gin What Gin calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Miley N/A N/A N/A N/A
Ranger Gin
Gin Ibushi
ギンくん, Gin-kun?
イブシ ギンくん, Ibushi Gin-kun?
Safalin Gin ギンくん, Gin-kun? Melon Soda Lady メロンソーダ女, Meron sōda on'na?, lit. "Melon soda woman"
Gashu Mr. Gin Ibushi 飯伏 銀 様, Ibushi Gin-sama? Uncle Crabstache カニヒゲジジイ, Kani hige jijii?, lit. "Crab moustache gramps"
Midori Gin Seaweed-head ワカメ頭, Wakame atama?, lit. "Seaweed head"

Person What they call Gin What Gin calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Gin's mom N/A N/A Mom ママ, Mama?
お母さん, Okaasan?
Gin's dad N/A N/A Dad お父さん, Otōsan?


  • His likes are listed as Nya-chan, cushions, cats, and dogs in his character profile.[3] Though, currently, he's into gators.[2]
  • Gin has a distaste for peppers and possibly coffee.
  • He's the only character whose collar is not seen in the game in any sprite or artwork.
  • Based on Gin's birthday, age, and grade, it can be deduced that the events of the Death Game take place between March 13 and early April. In Japan, the school year ends in late March and begins early April. 6th graders are aged 11-12, and since his birthday is in March, Gin would be one of the youngest of his peers; turning 12 just as his sixth year was ending and entering 7th grade/middle school the next month. Thus, the events of the Death Game must start between Gin's birthday on March 13th but before entering his first year of middle school in April.
  • The kanji that makes up his first name is , gin?, lit. "silver".
  • He has a 1.3% chance of winning the Death Game.


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