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Gashu (ガシュー, Gashu?) is one of the so-called "dolls" in the Death Game. He is the "Receptionist Doll" on the third floor and the host of the 2nd Main Game.


Gashu is a gaunt, gangly looking man with dark sunken eyes. He has short brown hair and a distinctive mustache that looks a bit like a crab.

Overall, Gashu, like Tia Safalin and Sue Miley, gives the impression of sweets; specifically chocolate chestnut layer cake. Gashu wears a brown blazer jacket and matching pants over a brown and tan striped shirt. Two of the tan stripes has a row of yellow circles. In his left breast jacket pocket is a plant stem of some kind and a button pinned on his right. The pin has the hiragana letter ', po?' on it.



Death Game

Originally, Gashu is introduced as the manager of the gift shop opened in chapter two. It's only shown this isn't true after the 11th attraction concludes, and either Reko Yabusame or Alice Yabusame is killed. After either of the two dies Gashu shoots Rio Ranger, and later kicks his head off to kill him.

Gashu reveals the trading system soon afterwards, and that all of the cards for the main game have been assigned via the tablets. He'll later appear multiple times throughout the course of the waiting time, whether idly standing around and watching or crushing the participants hopes after their escape route was revealed to of been compromised long ago.

During the second main game it was revealed that Gashu had messed with the trading system, trading Kanna Kizuchi's Sacrifice card, which she tried to trade with Sara to save her, to the last surviving non-candidate; Nao Egokoro. Although the main game was almost given a twenty four hour extension via the rules, Gashu takes it into his hands to make it continue by shooting himself and allowing Tia Safalin to take control of the remaining time. As a result of his actions the final vote takes place allowing the candidates to vote for Kanna, Nao, or Sou Hiyori. Depending on the votes Kanna is executed with flower seeds injected into her blood, Nao is crushed to death or otherwise escapes with Sara Chidouin if voted for by her, or lastly Sou is killed in the midst of his escape attempt.


Person What they call Gashu What Gashu calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Sara ガシュー, Gashū? 千堂院 紗良様, Chidouin Sara-sama?
サラ様, Sara-sama?
Joe N/A N/A N/A N/A
Keiji ガシュー, Gashū? ケイジ様, Keiji-sama?
Shin ガシュー, Gashū?
フロアマスターさん, Furoamasutā-san?, lit. "Mr. Floormaster"
日和 颯, Hiyori Sou?
Gin カニヒゲジジイ, Kani hige jijii?, lit. "Crab moustache gramps" 飯伏 銀 様, Ibushi Gin-sama?
Kanna N/A N/A 木津池 神奈, Kizuchi Kan'n?
Q-taro ガシュー, Gashū?
ヒゲ, Hige?, lit. "Moustache"
Qタロウ 神, Q Tarō-sama?
Reko ガシュー, Gashū?
ジジイ, Jiji?, lit. "Gramps"
ヒゲのおっさん, Hige no ossan?, lit. "Moustached old man"
Alice ヒゲのおっさん, Hige no ossan?, lit. "Moustached old man" N/A N/A
Mishima N/A N/A N/A N/A
Nao フロアマスターさん, Furoamasutā-san?, lit. "Mr. Floormaster" 絵心 菜緒, Egokoro Nao?
Kai , Chichi?, lit. "Father" カイ, Kai?

Person What they call Gashu What Gashu calls them
English Japanese English Japanese
Miley ガシュー, Gashū? ホエミー, Hoemī?
Ranger 父さん, Tōsan?, lit. "Dad" トト・ノエル, Toto Noeru?
Safalin ガシューさん, Gashū-san? トト・ノエル, Toto Noeru?
Gashu (self) , Watashi?


Salvador dali

Salvador Dali

  • Nankidai wanted to design a good-looking middle-aged man, so decided to model Gashu off of Salvador Dali, the first person that came to his mind.[1][2]


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