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Floor 5 Layout all

Floor 5 layout.



The fifth floor elevators are identical to those on the fourth floor, except the large printed "4" is changed to a "5". They only go down to the fourth floor. The map of the fifth floor is found on the ground, placed by Midori, the first time the elevators are used. They are located in the bottom centre of the map and connect to the Locker room and Classroom.

Locker room


The fifth floor locker room is similar to the fourth floor's, however, there are no stains on the floor or ceiling, all lockers are closed, and there is a voice recorder and transceiver on the shelf. The Locker room is located in the bottom right corner of the map and connects to the Elevators and the Police station. This room was Alice Yabusame’s first trial.

Police Station


A replica of the police station at which Keiji once worked, where he met and bonded with an old officer from his neighborhood. The station is just a facade, with nothing actually inside the building. The Police Station is located in the top left corner of the map and connects to the Locker Room and the Library.



A maze-like library that houses many bookshelves and a secret passageway. A type of Obstructor is fought here after discovering the Security Office. Initially, there are slots for a red book, green book, yellow book, and blue book to go on the shelves, which are found in various places on the fourth and fifth floors. The books open up the secret passageway which leads to a stadium-like area with Midori. The Library is located in the top centre of the map and connects to the Police Station, Office, and Security office.

Secret arena

An area accessed by returning the four colored books back to the library. Midori is confronted here.

Security office


Midori's room. The Shin AI resides within the monitor second from the left, and a Coffin Control System is located within the monitor second from the right. Midori's collar is also originally located here. The Security office is located in the centre of the map and is accessed from the Library.

Office space


A room resembling Shunsuke Hayasaka's office. A monitor displays Sara Chidouin's information. A yellow library book is propped up beside a computer. The Office is located in the top right corner of the map and connects to the Library and Classroom.


Sara's bag in the classroom
A room that looks exactly like Sara and Joe's school classroom from before the Death Game. A satchel sits on a desk, containing a replica of Joe's dog charm. There is a green library book on the far shelf, and some kind of a contract hung on the blackboard. The Classroom is located in the bottom right corner of the map and connects to the Office and Elevators.
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