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Floor 4 Layout

Floor 4 layout map given by Midori.

Doll graveyard

The Doll graveyard is the first room on the fourth floor that the participants enter, via the Sky Stairs. It is a dark room with a single gravemarker in a mound of dirt. There are 7 coffins in total in a pyramid type pattern with three in the front, two in the middle, and two at the back. They are all grey rectangular prisms with the letters "AS" on the lid. The Doll graveyard is where the participants meet their dummy companions and the Floor Master, Sou Hiyori. The first Obstructor is fought here after meeting everyone, as well as Midori at the end of Chapter 3, Part 1-A. The Doll graveyard is located in the centre of the map and connects to the Gate.



On the left side, there is a holder that contains a map for Floor 4, having the only maps in-game to ever exist. They exist to help the candidates find Midori for the Murderer Sub-Game in Chapter 3, Part 1. It is located in the top center of the map and connects to the Doll Graveyard, Discussion Room, and Boxing Ring.


Discussion Room Entrance

The Bathrooms are the entrance to the Discussion Room. They have red doors with a sign that appears to be two people holding hands. It is located in the top left corner of the map, and once opened as the Discussion Room, you are unable to return to the Bathroom entrance screen.

Discussion Room


The Discussion Room is a bright and pink room, opened after holding hands in front of the bathrooms. It is where Maple, the strongest Obstructor, lives. On the left, there is a pink sofa next to a small side-table, with a red library book resting on top. In the middle, there is a plush canopy bed with a vase of red flowers beside it. On the right is a compact drawer filled with paints, which can be used to finish the painting of a collar in the Art Gallery. It is located in the top left corner of the map and connects to the Gate and Locker Room.

Boxing ring


The Boxing ring is a brick-walled room with a boxing ring in the center. The mat is black and the ropes and posts are coloured yellow, turquoise, red and green. There is a passage in the middle of the far wall, with a square, window-sized hole on either side. Naomichi comments that it looks like the gym he used to go to. The first time the participants try to pass through here, the passageway closes and they must solve a timed puzzle in which the room fills with liquid. The Boxing ring connects to the Gate and the Art gallery.

Art gallery


The Art gallery has a light brown floor with grey and blue armchairs. The walls are dark grey and covered with various paintings. The paintings from left to right: Top row: Megumi collapsed in a pool of blood, Joe's execution, Shin with a wide smile. Middle Row: Kugie crushed in the bed from hers and Kanna's First Trial, Nao's execution, someone in a painful state fallen on the ground, Kai's bloody hand, Midori's face which is also used as a speaker. Bottom row: an unfinished painting of a collar device that can be painted using the paints from the Discussion Room to reveal a switch for the Elevators. The Art Gallery is located in the bottom right corner of the map and connects to the Boxing Ring and Elevators.


Elevators 4f

The elevators are along a white wall with a large "4" printed on it. There are two elevators, both with brown sliding doors, and are powered electrically. They only go up, to the fifth floor. The Elevators are located in the bottom center of the map and connect to the Locker room and the Art Gallery.

Locker room

Locker Room

The Locker room is a grey room with 3 rows of white, square lockers along the wall. 3 of them are open but have nothing inside. There are two small wall shelves in the middle with nothing on them. The floor is light grey with a black stain near the center of the room. The ceiling is grey and black, and there is a bloodstain on it directly above the black stain. The Locker room is located in the bottom left corner of the map and connects to the Elevators and the Discussion Room. This room was Hinako Mishuku’s first trial.

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