The Central Hall as we see it at the start of the game.

The facility is the location of the Death Game.

First floor

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The first place all the survivors of the First Trial start in. The objective is to "clear" each floor. At the end of the first Main Game, the first and second floors became off-limits. The Laughing Doll, Sue Miley is the Floor Master.

Second floor

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The second floor is connected directly to the first floor through the Main Hall, and is still under the purview of the first Floor Master, Miley.

Upon entering the second-floor landing there four doors and a central hallway that was initially shuttered off for the majority of the chapter. In total there are seven doors that lead to various places further inside the facility.

Third floor

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The third floor is where the participants are given privately assigned bedrooms. Most rooms also lead to a number of Attractions, where the player can obtain Clear Chips with other characters of their choosing.

The Floor Master is the Dress-up Doll, Rio Ranger, and the Vice Floor Master, the Crying Doll, Tia Safalin. There is also the Reception Doll.

Fourth floor

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The fourth floor is where the participants first meet the doll versions of the victims from the First Trial. It is also the first time a map is given for the floor layout. It serves as the grounds for the Murderer Game. The Floor Master is Sou Hiyori, who can be renamed.

Fifth floor

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The fifth floor is a continuation of the grounds for the Murderer Game, and connects directly to the fourth floor by using the elevators. It also has a floor map, and the Floor Master is still Sou Hiyori.

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