The Death Game was originally a series of trials put together by a criminal organization for the purpose of finding a new leader among its participants.[1] The purpose of the second Death Game, which was orchestrated by a group known as Asunaro and is the principal setting of Your Turn To Die, is yet unknown. 


The Death Game had 20 participants (参加者, sankasha?) in total with 16 candidates (候補者, kōho-sha?).[2]



The roster listing the candidates.

The following is a list of candidates in the Death Game and their calculated chances of winning. The candidates were chosen for yet unstated reasons. However, Gashu hinted it was related to their questionable upbringing, for example Q-Taro growing up in an orphanage and Kanna being adopted at a young age.

Key: ◆Dead ◇Dependant on route
# Candidate Survival % Eliminated during...
01 Sara Chidouin 15.5%
02 Naomichi Kurumada 9.9% ◆ First Trial
03 Keiji Shinogi 9.5%
04 Q-Taro Burgerberg 8.8%
05 Shunsuke Hayasaka 8.2% ◆ First Trial
06 Anzu Kinashi 8.0% ◆ First Trial
07 Reko Yabusame 7.7% ◇ Final Attraction
08 Mai Tsurugi 7.5% ◆ First Trial
09 Alice Yabusame 6.6% ◇ Final Attraction
10 Ranmaru Kageyama 5.3% ◆ First Trial
11 Megumi Sasahara 4.9% ◆ First Trial
12 Kazumi Mishima 3.0% ◆ Second Trial
13 Kanna Kizuchi 2.7% ◇ 2nd Main Game
14 Gin Ibushi 1.3%
15 Hinako Mishuku 1.1% ◆ First Trial
16 Shin Tsukimi 0.0% ◇ 2nd Main Game

Other participants

These are other participants who were unlucky enough to be kidnapped with the organization's main targets and candidates.

Other participants Eliminated during...
Joe Tazuna ◆ 1st Main Game
Kai Satou ◆ 1st Main Game
Kugie Kizuchi ◆ First Trial
Nao Egokoro ◆ 2nd Main Game


The Death Game is divided into Sub-Games and The Main Game.

The Sub-games are meant to encourage camaraderie among the participants despite knowing that in the Main Game they will have to suspect and ultimately choose who will be executed.


Main article: Trials

The Trials were the first Sub-games the participants were forced to play and began even before they really knew what was going on. As a result, in the First Trial alone 8 participants were immediately eliminated, with 12 participants remaining.

After the First Trial, the survivors were led to the main lobby of the facility they're all trapped in and become aware that there are other people involved as well.


Main article: Attractions
Now, let the Sub-Game... The Trust Barter Game, begin!
— Rio Ranger, Chapter 2, Part 1

Following the traumatic events of the Main Game, the Floor Master of the third floor, Rio Ranger, expresses that they will have to play attractions to restore trust amongst each other. The Sub-Game requires earning Clear Chips and trading Me-Tokens.

The attractions require at least one partner and the prizes are Clear Chips. However, in regards to the Me-Tokens: They are initially given 100 tokens with their own face on them, but they're not usable by themselves. The participants have to trade amongst each other for each other's tokens, with the knowledge that 50 of a person's tokens can be traded for that person's personal information at the Prize Exchange.

Main Game

Main article: Main Game

The Main Game is divided into two rounds. The first round is to determine the candidates of who may die. These are about half of the surviving participants. The second round is to determine who exactly is safe to vote for, for if the wrong person is chosen, depending on their role, everyone else will be executed.

The first Main Game was Hosted by Sue Miley, and played with 11 participants, 5 of whom were voted for in the preliminary round.

The second Main Game was hosted by Gashu, and played by 8 participants, 4 of whom were voted for in the preliminary round.


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