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Chapter 3, Part 1 is the fifth part of Kimi Ga Shine: Tasuketsu Death Game. This chapter is divided into further parts for the release due to technical difficulties. Part 1-A was partially released on February 25, 2020 and its other half was released February 27, 2020. Part 1-B is still expected in the upcoming weeks.

The demo was first made available for purchase at Comiket 2019[1] and then later online on Dwango.

Game transcripts
Recap Summary
Meeting the Dummies
Obstructor Fight 1
Group Exploration
Exploration with Ranmaru
Fifth Floor Exploration
Obstructor Fight 2
Searching Continues
Battle with Midori

Plot (part A only)

Following the 2nd Main Game, Tia Safalin rushes the survivors to move onto the next floor. They go through the doorway which previously led to the Arbitration Room of the 11th attraction and now leads them to what looks like the Victory Stairs, but with the appearance of climbing the sky.

Once they reach the top, there's a door that leads to a dark corridor. The group stumbles into a large cavernous room with seven coffins around a stone monument. Opening the center one reveals what looks like the corpse of Sou Hiyori, the man Alice killed.

Suddenly, he comes to life and laughingly reveals that he's a doll and their new Floor Master. But first, he allows them to give him a new name since Shin Tsukimi adopted his previous one. (*Hereafter he will be referred to as Midori to avoid confusion.) Before Midori would reveal what the new "Sub-Game" is, the occupants of the other coffins also come to life.

They're dolls of the other First Trial victims, though ones that the survivors never personally knew. The caveat is that each of the surviving participants is partnered with a Trial victim, connected by a red laser through their collars. (A so-called "red string of fate.") Getting too far apart from their partners is "fatal" to the dolls. Sara is connected to Ranmaru, Keiji to Hinako, Kanna/Shin to Kurumada, Q-taro to Mai, Reko/Alice to Anzu, and Gin to Hayasaka.

Midori explains that in the new game all they have to do is hunt down and kill a certain target... himself. With that proclamation, he runs away; starting off the "Murderer Game."

A monster, later known as an Obstructor appears in front of the cast. There are a limited amount of turns to defeat the Obstructor. If the player runs out of turns, the Obstructor destroys Anzu, trapped inside a coffin. In order to save Anzu, use the correct actions in the correct order. There are multiple different combinations to defeat the Obstructor, one of which is Keiji, Naomichi, Q-taro, Gin, Ranmaru, Hinako/Shin/Kanna, Shunsuke, and Alice/Reko.

The monster is defeated if done correctly. The group proceeds past the grave marker to the next room. In front of them is a gate. Stuck to it is a mysterious piece of paper, which turns out to be a map of the fourth floor. There are only two available rooms the cast can go to. The one at the very top left, and another at the top right. Going to the top left room, there is dialogue between the survivors and dolls discussing how it's possibly a bathroom, only for it to not open after attempting to open it. To proceed with the story, go to the room at the top right. Naomichi makes comments on how familiar the room is to him, a gym he used to go to. The cast attempts to move into the next room; suddenly, the passage is blocked. The lights go out, Shin/Kanna hear a noise from the walls, leading Sara to warn everyone to get on to the gym mat. A liquid quickly pouring in from multiple windows in the room fills up the room. Unlike the first game, a fail in completing the puzzle simply results in a Game Over. In order to use the least amount of turns possible, do the correct order. Here is the solution to the puzzle: Click on the shadow on the floor; inspect it. Click on Keiji. There is a white cord on the floor; inspect it. Ranmaru will inspect it, making him available to use. Click on Ranmaru; choose the color yellow. Next, click on the colorful ropes surrounding the ring. Sara will inspect them, resulting in Mai being available to use. Click on Mai; she will cut the ropes. The puzzle is now complete, and the group proceeds into the next room.

Once they enter the passage, they find a room full of paintings. Many of these paintings display the deaths of other participants. When the Midori painting is investigated, he will start to talk, revealing it is not a painting but a video call. He tells the cast he has crucial information, such as their lost memories and the reason Asunaro is having them kill each other, but refuses to tell them the information, saying they should figure it out on their own. He states that a few of the floors should help them regain their memories. Midori reveals that this "Murderer Game" has a time limit, which is the Dummies' batteries. Shunsuke questions specifically how long the batteries will last, only for Midori to stop talking. The cast confirms with each other that this means Asunaro is the organization that kidnapped them.

Proceeding into the next room, there are elevators. However, there is nothing they can do since the elevators aren't working. The next room appears to be a white room with multiple lockers; some open, some closed. There is a bloodstain on the ceiling of the locker room. Keiji confirms that it's an old bloodstain, suspecting that it was from someone's First Trial.

Ranmaru suggests splitting up in pairs to search the rooms again. Sara and Ranmaru head to the bathrooms. Noticing the sign looks like two figures holding hands, Sara holds Ranmaru's hand and the door opens. Upon entering is seen a fluffy pink room. A woman appears in front of the pair, greeting them. Ranmaru alerts Sara, telling her that the woman is an Obstructor. The woman leaves to get tea, leaving the pair alone and confused. After searching through a drawer, painting materials are obtained. The woman returns, telling Sara she can keep them. Ranmaru questions the woman, asking if she is an Obstructor. The woman admits to being one, but doesn't like to fight, and would rather listen to people in this Discussion Room. Sara drinks the tea, helping her feel relaxed. She wonders to herself about her allies; the woman interrupts her thoughts. The woman reveals that only one person can survive this game, and that the decision is near; even possibly within the day. The woman asks Ranmaru if he is a pair for objective's sake or if he and Sara are partners. He doesn't reply. After the woman leaves the room, Ranmaru asks Sara if they can talk, saying it's important. He reveals that there is a person from Asunaro among them, a human, believing this is special information only he has. Ranmaru seemed to have more to say, but decided not to say it.

The two return to the Art Gallery, and Sara fills in the uncolored parts of the collar painting. The painting opens, revealing a breaker inside. Switching it on will turn the power of the elevators on. Going into the elevator room, only the up button on the elevator works. Sara and Ranmaru decide to call everyone into the elevator room so they can proceed to the next floor. In the locker room, while everyone is discussing, Sara accidentally steps on something on the floor. This activates a trap and Shunsuke gets stuck to the ceiling, suffocating, as if being hanged. Eventually, Gin runs into the room to try and save Shunsuke, but gets stuck to the ceiling as well. The trap is deactivated by Midori, and he claims that it was an execution he didn't intend to use; it just malfunctioned. Keiji tells Midori that Gin is unconscious. Midori seems delighted by it, saying he is glad to be able to "play plenty more." Ranmaru doesn't believe Midori, saying Midori wants the Dummies dead. Shunsuke carries Gin, as suggested by Keiji.

Everyone heads to the elevators and make way for the fifth floor. Upon arriving, they find a map of the floor on the ground.



  • The release date for the chapter was revealed in the Chapter 3 PV on February 13th. The PV was also shown on a big screen on the Hareza Ikebukuro building.[2][3]
  • For players who played the first half of 1-A on NicoNico (where the game ended just as everyone got on the elevator), there was a small bonus scene for those continuing onto the second half: In the elevator, as Sara is going up, Keiji asks her if she's ok as Sara anxiously calms herself.


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